Is the mini one any good?

The quality of the car is very high, it’s full of modern tech, and quality interior. It’s very comfortable for one or two people but for four in a long journey it’s understandable to say a bigger arias much better. Forty pounds of petrol lasts a long time and overall running costs are low.

Which is best Mini Cooper or MINI One?

The Mini Cooper has a 1.6L engine that pushes 122 horsepower. On the other hand, the Mini One can push only 98 horsepower. Thus it is evident that Mini Cooper is a more powerful one. For anyone who is interested in getting a small luxury car, Mini Cooper and Mini One are one of the best options available in the market.

Are Cooper Minis reliable?

Contrary to its reputation, the latest Mini Coopers are reliable cars, MotoringFile reports. And they’ve gone from Consumer Reports ‘never buys’ to recommended vehicles. If you’re really concerned about reliability, based on CR reports, a used 2018-2020 Mini Cooper is arguably your best bet.

Is Mini Cooper a good car brand?

Is the Mini Cooper a Good Car? Yes, the Mini Cooper is a good subcompact car. It comes in three body styles – the two- and four-door Mini Hardtop and the Mini Convertible – and it’s fun to drive thanks to its punchy engines and adept handling.

Which is the best second hand MINI to buy?

The 10 best used Minis you can buy

  • Mini celebrates its 60th birthday in 2019.
  • Wolseley Hornet (1969) – 73,951 miles – £8000.
  • Mini Moke (1989) – 40,000 miles – £8995.
  • Ice cream van (1967) – 61,400 miles – £29,999.
  • Mini Cabriolet (1991) – 40,000 miles – £15,000.
  • Paul Smith (1998) – £10,999 – 40,000 miles.

Do Mini cars hold their value?

According to figures presented by Autocar, Minis hold their value best in the UK, losing just shy of 47% of their value after 34,700 miles. Audis are next in line, losing 47.3% over the same mileage. The next three marques with slower depreciation rates are Volkswagen, Lexus and Ford.

Is Mini a luxury?

From the MINI John Cooper Works to MINI Hardtops, MINI is indeed a luxury brand. This is what makes MINI a luxury car. It’s fun to drive with a powerful engine and exciting design.

Are MINIs expensive to maintain?

Mini aren’t the most expensive brand, nor are they the most affordable, which means that their repair costs are about right. New parts aren’t going to cost a fortune or be difficult to source, but they might not be readily available or slightly more expensive than parts for a more affordable car.

Are minis expensive to maintain?

How many miles will a Mini Cooper last?

Firstly, It depends upon how well the previous owner treated the car, As long as the previous owner took care of it and did the regular maintainance, For R53, It can range from 75k to 150k.

What’s the price of a Mini Cooper in Malaysia?

The same year it came to Malaysia and has stayed in the market with little changes to keep it updated. Currently, there are two variants available for the car: the Mini 5 Door Cooper and the Mini 5 Door Cooper S. Prices for the Cooper start at RM 193,388 and for the Cooper S start at RM 239,888.

What kind of car is Mini Cooper Works?

While BMW has ‘M’, Mercedes-Benz has AMG, and Jaguar Land Rover have the Special Vehicle Operations, MINI has John Cooper Works.

Is there a mini car store in Malaysia?

Welcome to the official website of MINI in Malaysia! Get to know all about us and what we offer – including our thrilling and iconic cars. Welcome to the official website of MINI in Malaysia! Get to know all about us and what we offer – including our thrilling and iconic cars.

How much does Mini 5 door cost in Malaysia?

The Mini 5 Door price in the Malaysia starts from RM RM 264,888.00 and goes up to RM RM 264,888.00 (excluding SST). Q. What is the Cargo capacity of Mini 5 Door?