Is Serbian and Polish similar?

The Polish and Serbian languages, both part of the Slavic languages (West and South branches, respectively), are related but not mutually intelligible.

Is Serbian the hardest language to learn?

Serbian is a complex, but not overly difficult language to learn.

Is Polish harder than Croatian?

It is certainly harder than Croatian–another Slavic language–which I already knew when I started to learn Polish. Here’s one (somewhat trivial, but illustrative) example of the relative complexity of languages: the number 2.

What is the best way to learn Serbian?

The absolute best way to learn Serbian is to speak with someone who speaks the language. Ideally, your conversation partner will be a native speaker, but anybody with a decent grasp on the language will do.

Is Serbian harder than polish?

Serbian is grammatically a bit less complex than Polish, even if only slightly and the pronunciation is much more straightforward with less jaw breaking consonsnt clusters. Serbian does still have the odd challenging cluster but nowhere near as often as they seem to occur in Polish.

What language is closest to Serbian?


  • Serbian. Naturally, being the official language, it’s the most spoken one.
  • Other Serbo-Croatian variants – Bosnian, Croatian and Montenegrin.
  • Other languages that were spoken in Yugoslavia – Macedonian and Slovenian.
  • English.
  • Russian.
  • German.
  • Local languages – Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Rusyn and Albanian.

Where does Serbia rank in education?


STAT Serbia
Literacy > Reading performance > Overall 442 Ranked 42nd.
Elementary (primary school) > Duration 4 Ranked 203th.
Secondary education, teachers per 1000 8.63 Ranked 5th. 61% more than United States
Secondary education, teachers 62,374 Ranked 11th.

Is Serbian a good language?

Serbian can be a gateway to learning other Slavic languages. As a Slavic language, Serbian shares quite a few similarities with other Slavic languages – some more than others. If you are aspiring to become a polyglot or dive into this particular language group, learning Serbian can be a good way to get started.

What is the most beautiful Slavic language?

The most beautiful slavic language is Romanian. Also Portuguese is beautiful.

What is the hardest Balkan language?

The hardest one is the Geg Macedonian language. their dialect is so hard that even GEGS of the west dont understand it much.

Is Serbian worth learning?

What’s the best way to learn Serbian language?

Etiquette, body language, gestures — set the mood. Culture Notes provide a backdrop to learning material and let the Serbian culture come alive, setting you up to forge deeper connections with Serbian culture and make a positive impression.

Are there any American universities that offer Polish language courses?

Language courses are the core, with offerings including first-, second-, third-, and fourth-year Polish. U-M is the only American university to offer four levels of Polish every year. Are you interested in learning the Polish language? Are you a heritage speaker who would like to learn more about Polish culture and history?

Which is the best site to learn Polish?

Pimsleur is an excellent resource for learning a ton of different languages. It offers both male and female speakers and tons of audio content across all languages. With Polish, you’ll use their app to access your paid course. The bad news is that you can’t get Polish as part of a Pimsleur subscription right now.

Can you study Polish at the University of Michigan?

You can now combine language study with deeper investigations into the culture of Poland. U-M’s Polish program is one of the strongest–possibly the strongest–Polish program in the country. In addition to being the only U.S. university to offer four levels of Polish every year, we offer Polish literature, drama, film, and culture courses.