Is MARSOC the same as Recon?

The U.S. Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) is the Marines’ contribution to special operations on today’s battlefield. Raiders are not the same as Marine Force Recon — while Force Recon is an elite unit, it does not belong to the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) as MARSOC does.

Can Recon Marines join MARSOC?

Yes, but as an 0311, unless you go to Recon straight out of SOI, you will be assigned to an infantry battalion and will most likely have to serve your enlistment in the grunts. Then you could reenlist if you are accepted into Recon or MARSOC. If you get into Recon, there will be reenlistment bonuses to stay in Recon.

Are Recon Marines Special Forces?

Although Force Recon has never been part of the United States Special Operations Command, their missions slightly differentiate themselves from other United States Special Operations Forces units. Colloquially, they are specialized in all tactical areas of warfare.

Do Marine Force Recon see combat?

Marines in Force Recon are absolutely trained in direct action missions, and are capable of performing in combat situations, but that is not their primary role. Its current role is a lot like the Army’s Special Forces (Green Berets), working closely with foreign militaries to help in training.

What is the difference between Marine Raiders and Marine recon?

Marine Recon conduct amphibious assaults, deep recon and surveillance and battlespace shaping in support of the Marine Expeditionary Force. Marine Raiders support their governments’ internal security, counter subversion, and reduce violent risks from internal and external threats against the U.S.

What does Marine recon actually do?

Recon Marines are tasked with land and amphibious reconnaissance, intelligence collection, surveillance and small unit raids , and straddle the line between special operations forces and conventional forces.

Is MARSOC an official unit of USMC?

MARSOC is command that covers several United States Marine Corps special operations elements (excluding those remaining Force Recon elements dedicated to USMC ops). MARSOC itself is under the umbrella of SOCOM (Special Operations Command). The Marine Raiders are MARSOC’s combat units .

What is MARSOC primary Misson?

The Combat Service Support Marines will serve one standard tour with MARSOC in their primary MOS, such as Motor Transport or Logistics. MARSOC’s mission is to accomplish special operations missions and expertly train Marines to do so. They will execute complex operations and achieve silent success.

Is Marine Force Recon part of SOCOM?

Force Recon does not belong to SOCOM, but it is still providing commanders with a valuable resource as “special operations capable” forces. They get the same training and equipment as SOCOM forces, but they are fully under the control of the Marine Corps.