How much will it cost to build a 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria?

For an archetypal 3-bedroom flat plan, the design usually costs between N50,000 and N700,000 depending on the professional consulted, the complexity of the structure, and sometimes, the location.

How many blocks do I need for a 3 bedroom flat?

Hence, the total number of blocks required to take the building from lintel level to roof level = 67.6728 × 10 = 676.728 = 677 blocks (disregarding damages and wastage). Ultimately, the total number of blocks required to complete the construction = 903 + 1452 + 677 = 3032 blocks (disregarding wastage).

How many rooms can a half plot of land contain?

A half plot of land can take a 4 bedroom duplex with 2 units of mini-flats (1 bedroom flats) with some parking space. A semi-detached 3 bedroom duplex can fit comfortably on a half plot of land with adequate parking space. A restaurant or bar will fit into a half plot. You can have 8 shops on a half plot of land.

What is a bungalow style house?

A bungalow is a style of house or cottage that is typically either a single story or has a second, half, or partial story, that is built into a sloped roof. Bungalows are typically small in terms of size and square footage and often are distinguished by the presence of dormer windows and verandas.

How much does it cost to build a 4 bedroom house in Nigeria?

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST TO BUILD A 4-BEDROOM BUNGALOW IN NIGERIA? Using today’s building market survey, one should expect a total of ₦10 million to ₦15 million for building a well structured and standard 4-bedroom bungalow in Nigeria, from foundation to roofing level.

How much does it cost to build a five bedroom bungalow in Nigeria?

Cost of mortar (mixed cement and sand) needed to lay the blocks. 10tons of sand with 21 bags of cement will be needed to lay blocks for 5 bedroom bungalow. Price of 10tons of sand = 25,000. Therefore, total cost needed to produce mortar for laying blocks is: 52,500 + 25,000 = ₦77,500.

How many bags of cement do I need to lay 1000 blocks?

3 bags cement
For laying bricks and blocks in normal applications (SABS Class II) To lay 1000 bricks = 3 bags cement + 0.6 cu. m. sand.

How much does it cost to build a 4 bedroom flat in Nigeria?

A typical 4 bedroom flat will at least cost from ₦10,000,000 to ₦15,000,000 depending on the style of the design and the complexity of the structure and finally the location.

What is the size of a half plot of land in Nigeria?

Although there is no standard definition, the typical plot of land in Nigeria stands at around 100 ft x 100 ft = 30 m x 30 m = 10,000 square feet = 900 square meters. In this case, a half plot can be considered to be 50 ft x 100 ft = 15 m x 30 m = 5000 square feet = 450 square meters.

What can half plot build?

Commercial Buildings to Construct on a Half Plot of Land

  • A restaurant or bar.
  • 8 large shops.
  • A mini shopping complex.
  • Poultry.
  • Beauty Clinic and Fitness Center.

Why is it called a bungalow?

Bungalow, single-storied house with a sloping roof, usually small and often surrounded by a veranda. The name derives from a Hindi word meaning “a house in the Bengali style” and came into English during the era of the British administration of India.

Can a bungalow have two floors?

For example, a bungalow can become a two-storey house, but not a three-storey one. The new floors have to be built on top of the main footprint of the building – any lower extensions are excluded.

Do you need a 3bedroom floor plan in Nigeria?

3bedroom Floor Plan In Nigeria. You need to have a look at new house floor plans that can create a terrific habitat for these issues which might be essential to you. You do not want a house that isn’t going to suit you and all the things you need to put in it.

How big of a house can I build in Nigeria?

The Building Experts! We Listen better. We Plan better. We Build better. At Nigerian Building Design s we sell a wide variety of building plans ranging from 2 bedroom house plans designs to 6+ bedroom house plans designs.

Are there any 3 bedroom flats in Lagos Nigeria?

There are 72,264 listings and 3,196 available 3 bedroom flats for rent in Lagos, Nigeria. The flats have been listed by estate agents who can be contacted using the contact information provided for each flat / apartment listing.

Is there a free house plan in Nigeria?

We will get back to you as quick as possible As a young architect the free Nigeria house plan listing option is also known as the standard plan package,. it is one time payment for every 180 days and it is suitable for starters.