How much does it cost to rent a portable air conditioner?

Portable air conditioner rental for homes typically costs between $160 to $250 per week plus delivery and set up. Commercial evaporative cooler rental usually costs between $400 and $500 a week plus delivery and set up.

Is portable AC successful in India?

Either they realize that portable ACs can’t be effective in India and selling them could prove to be counter productive as customers realize their limitations, OR they feel portable ACs may cannibalize their main business- window and split ACs. There seems to be no resale market for portable ACs either.

Can a portable AC be on all day?

In short, there is no fixed limit to how long you use your portable air conditioner. You can even leave it on the whole day or night. But like any other electrical device, it means you end up straining its parts and it will quickly wear and tear.

Can AC be portable?

In case you live in a house that does not have an option for central or window AC, then getting a portable air conditioner is your answer….Portable ACs To Cool Off Your Home Without A Window Unit.

Portable AC Capacity
Whynter Elite 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner 1 Ton
Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC 1 Ton

What is the price of Haier AC?

Haier AC Price List (2021)

Haier AC Price List Prices
Haier HSU12C-TFW5B 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC Rs. 34,800
Haier HSU12C-TRS3B 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC Rs. 50,000
Haier HSU12P-JW3B 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC Rs. 40,654
Haier HSU22T-TFW1B 2 Ton 1 Star Split AC Rs. 39,546

Which company portable AC is best?

Best Portable AC in India

  • Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC. EDITORS CHOICE.
  • Lloyd 1 Ton Portable AC. PREMIUM PICK.
  • Midea 1 Ton Portable AC (MPA12PDR49C0) BUDGET PICK.
  • Koryo Emerald 1.2 Ton Portable AC. Koryo Emerald 1.2 Ton Portable AC –
  • Croma 1.5 Ton Portable AC.
  • Eurgeen four-in-one model A5 portable AC.

Is there a mini AC?

A personal air cooler or “mini air conditioner” is actually an evaporative air cooler, a.k.a. a swamp cooler, which pulls the warm air from your room and runs it through the cool water it has in its tank. That’s how it manages to decrease the overall heat in the room.

How can I cool down my bedroom?

Ways to Cool Down a Room

  1. Use a Fan. The following types of fans can cool down a room:
  2. Use Air Conditioning. Air conditioning is extremely effective.
  3. Use a Portable Air Conditioner.
  4. Put Ice in Front of a Fan.
  5. Use a Dehumidifier.
  6. Use an Air Cooler.
  7. Use Your Bathroom and Kitchen Extractor Fans.
  8. Use a Ductless HVAC System.

Which is the best air conditioner rental company in Mumbai?

Ac On Hire Mumbai (Airborne Enterprises) has more than two decades of experience in providing air conditioner rental and maintenance services to residential and commercial sector. We also deal with used air conditioner buying and selling. We also rent air conditioners for events and programs.

Where can I rent a portable air conditioner?

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Can you rent split window AC in Mumbai?

Air Conditioner, Split Window AC on rent in Mumbai. Air Conditioner, Split Window AC in Mumbai – Looking for Air Conditioner, Split Window AC in Mumbai ? Find best price for Air Conditioner, Split Window AC services on Rentalwala.

Which is the best type of air conditioner to rent?

The most common kind of commercial air conditioner is a rooftop unit that consists of both heating and cooling. These units are ideal for industrial locations or large open spaces because they free up space by being located out of the footprint.