How many OVAS are in Hyouka?


Original network CTC, TV Saitama, TVQ, tvk, KBS, Sun TV, GBS, Tokyo MX, MTV, BS11
English network SEA Animax Asia
Original run April 22, 2012 – September 16, 2012
Episodes 22 + 1 OVA

Is there an ova for Hyouka?

This episode is the first and last OVA of the Hyouka anime, and is considered as the eleventh-and-a-half episode. It was bundled with the third volume of the same named manga.

Will there be s2 for Hyouka?

No, There’s no news. The author of Hyouka, Honobu Yonezawa sensei, writes too slow, so there is not enough content for season 2. He has writen five novels. Kyoto Animation adapted the first four novels in season 1.

Is there any romance in Hyouka?

We have Satoshi Fukube’s chronic jealousy of Oreki’s critical reasoning prowess. And then we have the budding romance between Oreki and Chitanda. Chitanda and Oreki develop a gradual chemistry with each other as they learn about one another. They develop feelings of attraction for each other throughout the show.

Should I watch Hyouka ova?

I’d say that the Hyouka OVA is similar in that regard. It does add to the story but it isn’t necessary for understanding the characters. For context, if you don’t know, this OVA is meant to be watched after episode 11. I will admit that this is the weakest Hyouka episode and the mystery barely qualifies as a mystery.

Does Hyouka have a good ending?

But, the unwillingness of the creators to show them actually getting together and cutting it off there is the reason Hyouka is not a good anime. The choice of leaving the ending vague and open made the quality of this anime drop from an 8.9/10 to well below 4/10.

What is the Hyouka ova about?

Eru Chitanda notices that a white object that was on a woman’s ear a while ago suddenly disappeared, which leaves her curious about the mystery behind it. Hyouka: Motsubeki Mono wa features Oreki and the rest of the Classics Club as they have fun at the pool and solve the mystery that has piqued Chitanda’s curiosity.

Why Hyouka is bad?

Here’s the Bad There’s not a whole lot of stuff that’s actually bad about Hyouka. In fact, if you are into slice of life anime, then you will find yourself awake for much longer than you planned. A bit bland at times, maybe even boring if you don’t like slow paced stories, but still good.