How many members does WorldatWork have?

30,000 members
WorldatWork supports its 30,000 members and customers in 75 countries with thought leadership, education, publications, research and certification.

What is WorldatWork certification?

WorldatWork certification is your ticket to organizational leadership and career advancement. It is the single most powerful statement you can make about your dedication to Total Rewards.

What is WorldatWork?

WorldatWork is the leading global nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization for professionals who are engaged in the critically important practice of Total Rewards. We serve those who are responsible for cultivating inspired, engaged, productive, and committed workers in effective and rewarding workplaces.

What is Total Rewards in HR?

Total rewards is the combination of benefits, compensation and rewards that employees receive from their organizations. Total rewards may also refer to the function or department within HR that handles compensation and benefits, or the combined intrinsic and extrinsic rewards (or value) that an employee perceives.

Is the CCP exam hard?

Each test is quite long, with 110-160 questions, all multiple choice. You’re given about four hours to complete an exam. For an individual who has extreme test anxiety, it wouldn’t be a fun process. But, it’s not so bad.

What is CCP in HR?

Certified Compensation Professional® | CCP® Recognized as the world’s standard since 1976, the Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) designation is known throughout the total rewards community as a mark of expertise and excellence in the fundamentals of compensation.

What is a CCP HR?

The CCP certification is a human resources professional designation for certified compensation professionals. The certification can be obtained by individuals who are responsible for work-related compensation tasks such as wage analysis and job benchmarking.

When was Payfactors founded?

Payfactors was founded in 2013 with one mission to reinvent compensation technology for HR and compensation professionals worldwide. Francisco Partners is a leading global investment firm that specializes in partnering with technology and technology-enabled businesses.

Who bought Payfactors?

Francisco Partners
The combined company will be majority-owned by private equity firm Francisco Partners, based in San Francisco, which has been PayScale’s majority owner since April 2019. The companies together have more than 600 employees and 10,000 customers, Torrey said.

What are the benefits of Total Rewards?

These advantages of a total rewards approach includes increased flexibility, improved recruitment and retention, reduced labor costs/cost of turnover, heightened visibility in a tight labor market, and enhanced profitability.

What is “total rewards” compensation?

Employee Compensation: What is a Total Rewards Package? Compensation. Legally, employees must be paid for the work they perform, which makes compensation a default component of total rewards. Benefits. Employee benefits are indirect, noncash payments that employees receive in addition to their cash compensation. Work-Life Benefits. Recognition. Performance Management. Talent Management.

What is total reward approach?

A total reward approach is a tool which can assist with engaging the workforce; it will not in itself engage people, unless managers know what engagement really means and more importantly apply it in their day to day activities.

What is Total Rewards Programs?

A total rewards program incorporates all the compensation, benefits and additional items provided by an employer that employees see as valuable. An effective program both leverages the program as a whole to target all employees and leverages individual components as needed to target specific employees.