How many episodes of Go jetters are there?

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When did go Jetters end?

November 27, 2020
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Where can I watch go Jetters Season 3?

Currently you are able to watch “Go Jetters – Season 3” streaming on Netflix, Netflix Kids.

What do the go Jetters say?

He has a large moustache, used as his trademark, and funnel-like pieces on his helmet. He calls the Go Jetters “No-Jetters” and his catchphrase is “Grimbles!”.

Is glitch a bad guy go Jetters?

Villains. Grandmaster Glitch (Marc Silk), a troublemaker who is a disgruntled former cadet of the Go Jetter Academy. Glitch likes mud and having fun, which usually involves destroying or using a landmark to achieve his plans.

Is Grand Master glitch a bad guy?

Grandmaster Glitch, also known as just “Glitch”, is the primary antagonist of the show Go Jetters. His a disgruntled former member of the Go Jet Academy. He travels around the world in his airship, Grim HQ, causing mischief and mayhem, which the Go Jetters then must solve and fix.

Did go Jetters end?

Where are go jetters from?

Go Jetters is a British 3D animated television series, airing on CBeebies.

Who are real Jetters?

Go Jetters

  • John Hasler.
  • Tommie Earl Jenkins.
  • Akie Kotabe.
  • Syrus Lowe.
  • Naomi McDonald.
  • Pilar Orti.
  • Marc Silk.

What is the unicorn in Go Jetters called?

Ubercorn is one of the main characters, and the mascot for the show Go Jetters. He is the team’s Leader, and their mentor and guide on their missions. He is a “funky”, anthropomorphic unicorn, with a love for disco, and geography.

Is glitch a bad guy Go Jetters?

Is Ubercorn a boy or girl?

Xuli is the only female Go Jetter. Prior to Season 3, she was the show’s only female character.