How do you join Riktus clan in Wakfu?

Riktus Clan is one of the 5 Nations of Wakfu. Unlike the other Nations , you can’t choose it as your starting Nation , but you can join them after completing the Quest “Riktus for a Day” . The riktus clan has only one territory that cannot hve any plants , monsters , or dungeons .

Is the Wakfu game free?

Wakfu has always had a free option for players, but the game is saying goodbye to subscriptions altogether with its relaunch, giving all players access to every part of the game from start to finish. Of course, there has to be some way to balance that, since the company running the game will still need to make money.

How do you become a guard in Wakfu?

Becoming a Guard This quest requires the player to speak with the Sargeant in their nation’s Garrison. When the quest is completed, the player will be given two more quests, Keep in Step and Riktus for a Day, which can be completed to join either the Guards or the Riktus Clan respectively.

Is wakfu Worth Playing 2020?

It’s not dead, and it is worth playing. Find a server that you want to play on, join a GOOD guild as fast as you can, and enjoy the game. It’s not dead, and quite enjoyable if you join a nice guild. If you’re by yourself you’ll probably get bored after a while but it’s still a nice experience.

Is wakfu a children’s show?

Yes, wakfu the series has child-like characters that are considered pg-13 at first glance.

Is Dofus or Wakfu better?

The current Wakfu is still a better game than Dofus even still IMO. Larger maps, more interesting class mechanics and the game just feels more smooth.

How many players play Wakfu?


Month Avg. Players Peak Players
Last 30 Days 371.1 606
July 2021 377.5 649
June 2021 367.3 614
May 2021 396.8 670

What order do I watch wakfu?

Order to watch wakfu: 1-dofus movie 2- season 1 and then ova 3- season 2 and the 3 44 minute ovas 4- season 3 Please spread this around :D. It’s a show available on netflix that is so underrated and underappreciated. It’s a really good fantasy cartoon by studio ankama.

Is wakfu a Dofus?

Wakfu features the same classes as Dofus, although many have different appearances or roles. As in Dofus, Wakfu features professions which characters may learn. Harvesting professions let characters “collect resources or basic materials from the fauna and flora”.

Who is the current IOP God?

Sir Percedal of
During which, he had many children and wives. His current form is Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove and can tap into his former God powers from time to time.