How do you declare a minor at JMU?

Log into MyMadison; select “Student Center.” Select Major/Minor Change from the “Other Academic…” dropdown menu. To add a program of study, select “Add Major/Minor.” To narrow your search, select the plan type, change the criteria of plan description to “Contains,” and enter the beginning letters of the plan.

What can you minor in with a business major?



Does James Madison have a good business program?

James Madison University’s undergraduate business program continues to rank among the top 50 in the country, according to the 2016 Bloomberg Businessweek rankings, released April 19, 2016. “JMU’s College of Business is consistently ranked among the top business programs in the nation.

Does JMU have business major?

Academic Open Houses As a JMU business management major, you’ll be prepared to lead effectively in a dynamic global business environment, using a variety of resources to achieve your organizational goal.

Can you double minor at JMU?

The major, minor, licensure, or pre-professional program a student wishes to pursue. Students may pursue a double major (one degree with two majors). Students are required to earn at least 150 credits, including a minimum of 60 hours at JMU.

Does VCU have a good business School?

The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Business Part-Time MBA program, also known as the VCU Evening MBA, now ranks among the top in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. The VCU program comes in at No. 57 in the newly-released 2020 rankings, a significant rise from the No. 118 ranking last year.

How many credits do I need to graduate JMU?

120 credit hours
JMU requires a minimum of 120 credit hours for graduation. A student must meet the following requirements: Earn a minimum of 25% of credit hours (30 credits for degree programs of 120 credits) at JMU.

Is a minor considered a degree?

A minor is not a degree. It’s a concentration that you get in addition to your primary field of study, known as your major. Although minors can often round out your degree and provide depth and context to your education, they are not considered to be stand-alone degrees or certifications.