How do I search Kolechians?

To initiate a search, you must first find a discrepancy in Inspection Mode before the Search button is made available. In the case of the Kolechians, you need to enter Inspection Mode and link the rule about ‘Search all Kolechians’ in the rulebook with the person himself or herself.

How do you check discrepancies in papers please?

Clicking interrogate after detecting a discrepancy makes the inspector ask further questions about the discrepancy. This provides the entrant with a chance to correct the discrepancy. They may, for example, present a document they initially forgot to give to the inspector.

What is the code for endless mode on papers please?

Endless mode is unlocked by entering a five-digit code, which is unlocked after reaching ending 20 in story mode. The code is 62131, and it is shared among all copies of the game and is not generated separately for each player or playthrough.

How can I get faster in papers please?

Memorizing the Arstotzkan districts, passport issuing cities and seals makes the work go much quicker. Alternatively you can use a cheat sheet which gather this information together onto a single paper you can print out or display in another window.

What is Kolechia?

Kolechia is a neighboring country west of Arstotzka, bordered by Obristan, Antegria, Republia, and Impor.

What is Quick inspect papers please?

The inspector’s booth serves as the main interface for the game. It is also where the inspector works, and where entrants who wish to enter Arstotzka submit their documents to be cleared for entry.

What does Easy mode do Papers, Please?

here’s what I know about easy mode: Easy mode can be activated by clicking the options icon on the main menu. It gives an extra 20 credits per day, and it can be activated or disactivated on anyday. It does not effect your ability to collect achievements or affect gameplay in any other way.

How long is Papers, Please story mode?

31 playable days
The timeline of the story mode of Papers, Please spans across 31 playable days with 20 different endings. The story is mostly scripted and many of the events and encounters are triggered regardless of the player’s earlier actions. Endings, however, are determined by daily decisions and interactions made by the player.

How do I search for kolchians on my passport?

Aug 11, 2013 @ 3:37am. Open the discrepency mode (or whatever it is called) click on the passport and the “All Kolchians must be searched” text in the rule book, the search button will appear.

Who are the kolechians in arstotzkan Papers Please?

Two Arstotzkan characters have Kolechian love interests in the game: the supervisor is associated with Shae Piersovska, and Sergiu is in love with Elisa Katsenja . The Grestin checkpoint undergoes terrorist attacks that proclaim Kolechian affiliation. One bombing on day 6 prompts a temporary search policy for all Kolechians.

How to get the Kolechia token on Day 24?

Point out the discrepancy in her papers, then grant her access regardless to get the Impor token. Kolechia: On Day 24, someone will give you a love note. Keep it, and later that day a very depressed person will enter. Give the note to that person to get the Kolechia token.

Can a kolechian passport be denied on Day 7?

Thus all Kolechians can be denied on day 7 without searching them or being cited for violations; the rule is implemented so that having a Kolechian passport is a “discrepancy”. Once the search is performed, the discrepancy may be cleared, in which case the entrant cannot be denied entry based on the cleared discrepancy.