How do I connect Sjcam to WiFi?

Enable WIFI on a mobile phone or a panel computer and search WIFI account according to the model of the SJCAM camera, then connect it with your device, and the initial password ” 12345678” will display on the screen of your camera..

How do I connect my SJ4000 to my computer?

Connect the camera to computer using a micro USB x USB cable. The camera turns on automatically and a dialog box on the camera display asks if the camera is Mass Storage or a PC Camera. Highlight Mass Storage and press the OK button. A blue screen with the words Mass Storage will appear on the camera.

How do I pair my sj5000 to my phone?

Turn on WiFi and pair it to your smartphone (Android or iOS), then tap Connect Your Camera on the app. Press the Power/Mode button to turn your camera on. You will hear a beep, indicator LEDs will light up, and the screen will display the SJCAM logo. Default Mode is Video.

Can Sjcam be used as webcam?

The SJ4000 can be used as a Webcam for both Windows and Mac. Simply plug your camera to your computer viaUSB and it will show two options: Mass Storage and PC Camera. and you can access it Choose PC Camera through regular apps that use a camera.

Is the sjcam sj4000 a WIFI camera?

The Wifi is true WiFi, not bluetooth, allowing you to control the camera with your smartphone or tablet. The accessories alone make the purchase of this camera a no brainer. Unlike the GoPro that comes only with a protective case and mount, the SJCAM includes several accessories and mounts.

Is the sjcam Hero 4 silver a WIFI camera?

Unlike the lower end GoPros only the Hero 4 Silver has a color display), the SJCAM has a small color display. This makes programming the camera a breeze. The Wifi is true WiFi, not bluetooth, allowing you to control the camera with your smartphone or tablet.

What’s the default HDR setting on the sj4000?

Cyclic Record: time length of file segments that a video recording is divided into. In Playback mode you can skip through segments. Select Off or 3, 5 or 10 minutes. Default Setting is 3 minutes. Second page of SJ4000 menu. HDR: High Dynamic Range. Turn On. Default Setting is Off.

Can a sjcam be used as a waterproof camera?

You can take video or photos controlled by an iPad above water with the connection to the SJCAM app. Also comes with a camera back door that can be interchanged with the waterproof backdoor if you would like better audio but a bit more protection for your camera.