Does Dairy Queen have Confetti Cake Blizzard?

Dairy Queen fans can enjoy the Confetti Cake Blizzard Treats in four sizes, including the popular Mini, as well as in a Waffle Cone.

How many calories are in Dairy Queen’s blizzards?

Blizzard Treats (See table footer for legend)

Menu Item Calories (kcal) Fat Calories (kcal)
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard – Medium 1030 370
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard – Mini 420 140
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blizzard – Small 710 250
Heath® Blizzard – Large 1150 450

How many calories are in a small red velvet blizzard?

680 calories
Sodium (mg) 240. There are 680 calories in a Small Red Velvet Cake Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

When is the Confetti Cake Blizzard coming back?

Just like a piñata, this Blizzard has a surprise center that is filled with confetti cake white chocolate stars. To finish, it’s topped with whipped cream and edible rainbow glitter. The limited-edition Blizzard is coming to DQs nationwide on Thursday, June 18, while supplies last.

What’s Dairy Queen’s Blizzard of the Month?

Reese’s Extreme Blizzard
The Reese’s Extreme Blizzard is your Dairy Queen Blizzard of the Month. That’s right folks.

Is DQ Blizzard good?

I’m always a fan of a good dessert within a dessert when it’s executed well — fortunately, this Blizzard was a hit. The creamy cheesecake chunks made for a superb mix-in for Dairy Queen’s soft serve: They had a slightly chewy, yet smooth texture that stood up well to the ice cream.

What’s the lowest calorie blizzard at Dairy Queen?

Most large blizzards ring in around 1,000 calories with the worst one, the Royal Rocky Road Trip, being 1,510 calories (via Dairy Queen). If you really want to have a treat and stick to some semblance of a normal day’s nutrition, it’s best to order the mini size, though one takes first-place with regard to the lowest-calorie option.

How many calories are in a Dairy Queen cake?

Dairy Queen DQ Cakes contain 410 calories. Choose from the sizes below to see the full nutrition facts, ingredients and allergen information.

How many calories in a Dairy Queen truffle Blizzard?

Dairy Queen’s Blizzards, Ranked From Least To Most Calories 1 Butterfinger 2 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup 3 Oreo Cookies 4 Choco Brownie Extreme 5 M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candies 6 Heath 7 Twix 8 Turtle Pecan Cluster 9 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 10 Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard

What kind of Blizzard has the least calories?

Dairy Queen’s Blizzards, Ranked From Least To Most Calories 1 Butterfinger. 2 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. 3 Oreo Cookies. 4 Choco Brownie Extreme. 5 M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candies. 6 Heath. 7 Twix. 8 Turtle Pecan Cluster. 9 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 10 Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard.