Can Delta be done online?

You do not have to attend the accredited centre to take an online Delta course; you can take it from anywhere in the world.

How do I prepare for a Delta course?

Preparing for all DELTA modules

  1. reading and studying independently using reference books.
  2. observing other teachers to experience new techniques, materials and resources.
  3. asking your colleagues to observe you when you are teaching lessons, giving you constructive feedback.

How much does a Delta course cost?

Delta Course Fees Course fee: $595 USD. Cambridge Assessment fee (if taking the exam in Boston or New York): $395 USD. Late registration fee (between six and two weeks before the exam): $130 USD. Additional Mock Exam with tutor Feedback: $100 USD.

How long does a Delta course take?

The Delta can be completed in as little as 8 weeks if you choose the full-time, face-to-face option. There are a variety of other deliveries for the Delta course and each has its own time frame. The Distance Delta Integrated Programme covers the full Delta and takes 9 months.

Is Delta equivalent to a Masters?

Delta is a post-graduate level qualification, equivalent to a Masters.

Is Delta Module 1 hard?

Delta module 1 is a very different animal to CELTA. It is much harder, and a large number of people actually fail. Even to pass, you will probably need to spend some time preparing (no matter how good a teacher you are).

Is a delta a degree?

DELTA is a degree of sorts, but it doesn’t replace a BA or an MA.

How long is a delta course?

Is Delta higher than Celta?

CELTA and DELTA are both prestigious Cambridge qualifications but there are designed for different candidates. CELTA is a great certificate for English teachers with little to no experience. If you’re an experienced teacher and you’d like to advance your English teaching career, DELTA is the right choice for you.

Is Delta higher than CELTA?

Are there any online courses for Delta modules?

As well as our partnerships with teacher training centres worldwide, StudyCELTA has endeavoured to create one of the most comprehensive online Delta course guides in the world. On this page, you can find online options for all Delta Modules, without any need to travel.

How to apply for a Delta preparation course?

To apply for a DELTA preparation course please complete the appropriate application form for your chosen module below: Any initial queries and completed Module 2 application forms can be sent to our TEFL Admin Team at [email protected] I think I have learnt a lot and I can definitely see a difference in my teaching compared to last year.

When does the distance delta Module 2 start?

Delivered online via the Distance Delta website. 6 week full time face-to-face Module 2 course with Modules 1 and 3 at distance. All courses start in March and September every year, leading to Cambridge assessment in June and December. N/A – Module 2 is face-to-face.

How do I sign up for Delta College?

Delta College has adopted a single sign-on service (Okta) which you will use to log into Canvas, your email, and Office 365 apps. To access your online class, you need to log into Canvas (link is external). You may not be able to access your online course until the start date.