Are Lohmann chickens friendly?

The Lohman Brown is a hybrid egg-laying breed of chicken with a friendly temperament and high egg yield. Like Hyline chickens they have an excellent feed conversion rate (how much feed they must eat to produce an egg). …

How many eggs do Lohmann brown chickens lay?

Lohmann / Hyline Hens The Lohmann and Hyline hens are both from hybrid origin and were selectively bred from a variety of breeds. They lay between the age of 20-24 weeks but can start from as early as 18 weeks, laying on average 1 egg per day and up to 320 brown eggs per year. Eggs are normally laid in the morning.

What is Lohmann white chicken?

LOHMANN SANDY is a white feathering layer for the production of cream coloured eggs. The layer has an outstanding feed conversion and robustness. LOHMANN TRADITION, a brown egg layer with high early egg weight is being developed mainly for markets requiring even bigger egg size.

What age do Lohmann chickens lay eggs?

Lohmann Brown Classic

Free Range Colony
Laying period (72 wks.) 92 – 95% 93 – 95%
Laying period (80 wks.) 90 – 92% 92 – 95%
Age at 50% production 21 wks 20.5 wks
Peak production 93.6% 94.5%

How long do Lohmann brown chickens lay?

It is of crossbreed origin, selectively bred from lines of Rhode Island breed and White Rock breeds. They start to lay at about 19 weeks, producing up to 320 eggs to an age of 72 weeks (one year production). Eggs are laid nearly daily, normally during the morning time].

Are Lohmann Brown chickens good layers?

Home. The Lohmann Brown-Classic hen is recommended for brown layers. These robust birds are at home in many markets in the world and display a productive laying performance of attractive brown eggs. Lohmann layers are the market leaders for excellent shell colour and shell strength.