Are Hatley raincoats warm?

They are completely waterproof and keep out heavy rain. The lining is nice and warm — if you are looking for a lightweight, packable raincoat, this isn’t it — but if you are looking for a raincoat for those chilly, rainy days in late fall and winter, this is perfect.

Are Hatley jackets waterproof?

Jackets, pants and one piece muddy buddys and umbrellas too! Waterproof, windproof, and PVC free styles.

Do kids need a raincoat?

A kid’s raincoat is a must-have for your little one, too. With the right gear, your daughter can play outside when it’s drizzling instead of staring at screens. And you can rest easy knowing she won’t return soaked to the bone. With a stylish waterproof coat like a trench coat, you’re free to have fun without worry.

What age is Hatley size 2?

Hatley Raincoat Size Information

Age/Size Chest Height
12-18 mths 74-79cm
18-24 mths 79-84cm
2 years 53cm 89cm
3 years 56cm 97cm

How do you clean Hatley raincoat?

The raincoats are easy to wash. Simply put it in your washing machine on the gentle cycle, cold wash, and use a mild detergent. Once washed, hang it up to dry.

Where is Hatley sold?

Today, products are sold in approximately 3,300 stores in North America and in over 20 countries. They have a direct-to-consumer website and 13 corporate stores in North America, with the last one opening in Annapolis, Maryland.

Does my toddler need a raincoat?

When the sky opens up, it’s time to make your own sunshine—with a cheerful toddler raincoat, of course! But the best toddler rain jackets aren’t just cute. Proper outerwear is a must-have for keeping your tot dry—or as dry as possible, given their penchant for jumping in puddles.

What should toddler wear to bed in winter?

What Should a Toddler Wear To Bed? When choosing pajamas for your toddler, opt for soft, breathable, chemical-free fabrics such as cotton. Avoid fleece and other synthetic fabrics that don’t breathe as well. If it’s cold, you can add socks, a onesie, or use footed pajamas.

Does Hatley run big or small?

They do seem to run a little bigger, but she will have room to grow into them! 2 found this review helpful.

Is Hatley sizing generous?

Hatley tend to be true to size across the board, although we think it’s worth mentioning that Hatley pyjamas are designed to be slim fitting, so if you are looking for a more generous fit, consider going up a size.