Why did they remove Tom Loves Angela?

Gameplay. The game has a chatbot feature that allows the player, as Tom, to talk to Angela and engage in conversations with her, like the one in Talking Angela (That later got removed in 2016 due to a false internet hoax.

Does talking Tom Loves Angela?

Tom loves Angela a lot, and he shows it Another button will let you talk to Angela. Using this feature, you can chat with the artificially intelligent character, talking about movies, books, weather, etc. The whole time in the voice of Angela the cat.

What is Angela from talking Tom and friends?

Angela, also known as Talking Angela, is one of the main characters in Talking Tom and Friends. She is a white, short-tempered famous cat who is in-love with Tom. Her career is singing as she often goes to concerts to sing.

Is Talking Tom with Angela?

Some facts first: Talking Angela is part of a wider series of apps called Talking Tom and Friends, which have been downloaded more than 1.5bn times since 2010, and are currently being used by 230m people every month – lots of children, but also lots of adults.

What to do with Talking Angela from Talking Tom and friends?

Help Talking Tom convince Talking Angela he’s the right cat for her by talking to her, giving her gifts and singing to her. If you watch closely, you’ll see Ginger, trying to mess up Tom’s plans. Have an intelligent conversation with Angela (English only) and enjoy her witty and funny answers for hours and hours.

What is the Talking Angela app really saying to your kids?

What the Talking Angela app is really saying to your kids. The Talking Angela app is used by children and adults alike. This week, a year-old hoax about the Talking Angela app being dangerous for children has been doing the rounds on Facebook again, despite having been debunked back then, and again now.

What can you do with Talking Tom and Talking Ben?

You can even play a fun mini game called Climber Tom. Nope, he’s not alone, his neighbor Ben is here to tease him too! With over 350 million downloads, the worldwide talking phenomenon is a must-play. Don’t miss out on the fun! Talking Tom and Talking Ben are even chattier and more entertaining as TV news anchors.

What can I do with Talking Tom app?

Don’t worry! Your friends Talking Tom and Talking Angela are here to help! They’ve got lots of ideas, including cards and cute songs you can send. Send personal romantic messages and cute pictures to your special someone. You might want to let a friend know they’re important to you. Or declare your love for someone.