Why are bowling lanes Blue?

Bowling lanes, from the ones at your local alley to those on the Professional Bowlers Association tour, are coated with oil. This allows the ball a slicker surface on which to roll. Bowling’s governing body announced that it will be dying the oil blue so fans can see what sort of pattern is present on each lane.

What is Cheetah oil pattern?

Cheetah measures 35 feet in length and is the shortest of the five patterns. Sometimes used on lane surfaces that are well worn, it tries to maximize the area on the lane with less wear, which is usually extremely close to the gutter.

What oil does the PBA use?

Blue Dye
While you may think you know everything about the sport of bowling, there’s one crucial aspect of the sport with which many people are unaware.

What is Chameleon oil?

The Chameleon oil pattern is a pattern of oil used by the Professional Bowlers Association in tournament play. It is among the numerous Animal Patterns. The current rendition of the Chameleon pattern is 43 feet in length.

Are there bowling oil patterns like the PBA?

Like the PBA, the Kegel brand has their own set of patterns that they offer to consumers and customers alike. The Kegel brand is also used in a wider array of tournaments and associations so knowing their patterns is always a good idea.

How many patterns are there in the PBA?

PBA Patterns The PBA (Professional Bowling Association) has adopted 16 patterns in total for their tours and changes up the lanes through the use of either their Animal or Legend series. The name of the pattern also includes the length of the pattern and further information can be found on the PBA’s official website.

What is the lane maintenance program in PBA?

The PBA Lane Maintenance Program (LMP) exists to balance the many complicated variables associated with cleaning and conditioning lanes during multi-day PBA tournaments. For all regular events on the PBA Tour, PBA Regional Tour and PBA50 Tour, one or more of the PBA’s patterns will be used at any given tournament.

Where can I find the oil pattern library?

Oil Pattern Library Name Pattern Length EBT Aalborg International (2009) 35′ PBA Cheetah 35′ PBA Senior Tour Pattern #5 (2007) (Cheet 35′ ABF Asian Games – Short (2010) 35′