Who owns Gouna Egypt?

Samih Sawiris
A TOWN LIKE NO OTHER Thirty years ago Samih Sawiris, Chairman of Orascom Development Holding, El Gouna’s parent company, found that beautiful spot, conveniently located just north of Hurghada on the west coast of the Red Sea.

How do I move around in Gouna?

All Transportation Services

  1. Shuttle Bus or Boat (ext. 32100)
  2. Pro Tours Excursions (ext. 32175, 32176)
  3. Bike Center (ext. 34044)
  4. Sixt (Airport transfers, car rentals and limousine) Hotline: 19670.
  5. Tuc Tuc Mini Cab (ext. 77222)
  6. High Jet Bus to Cairo (ext. 34555)
  7. GO Bus to Cairo (ext. 32287)
  8. GO Bus to Hurghada (ext. 32100)

Is Gouna safe?

El Gouna is arguably the safest holiday destination during such unprecedented circumstances. OHM have shown extreme care with regards to the well-being of its guests and team, enabling holidaymakers to enjoy a truly blissful experience.

Is there Uber in El Gouna?

That’s right – this April and May, when you need a reliable ride to get you zipping around El Gouna, simply open your Uber app and your uberTukTuk will arrive within minutes. Tuk Tuks are an iconic and ubiquitous part of the El Gouna landscape and we are excited to have them on the Uber platform there.

How many residents does Gouna have?

Built along the shore and on small islands, El Gouna is known for its lagoons, coral reefs and sandy beaches. It has a population of 24,000 and boasts 17 of the region’s best hotels, including a six-star one.

Which is the best area to stay in Hurghada?

Best areas to stay in Hurghada

  • Upon arriving at Hurghada, Al Mamsha El Seyahi is the closest area to stay in.
  • Just 0.9 km to the South of Al Mamsha El Seyahi is Village Road.
  • If you choose to travel 25 km North of Hurghada, you’ll reach El Gouna around a 35-minute drive from Hurghada airport.

What is there to do in Hurghada at night?

The best things to do in Hurghada at night:

  • Hurghada Marina. Hurghada Marina is a beautiful and modern marina that really comes alive in the evening.
  • Experience the nightlife.
  • Visit a Bedouin village.
  • See a show.
  • Astronomical night trip.
  • Smoke hookah on the beach.
  • El-Dahar Bazaar.
  • Quad Bike Safari at sunset.

Is there Uber in Gouna?

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