Who is the leader of Chicser?

OWY. Ullyses Webb Basa (Cutie pie) – leader and choreographer in Chicser Group.

How many siblings does Ranz Kyle have?

Nina Stephanie Guerrero
Natalia GuerreroChelsea Hilary Evidente Ongsee
Ranz Kyle/Siblings

Where is Ranz Kyle from?

San Juan, Philippines
Ranz Kyle/Place of birth

Who are the members of Chicser?

Chicser members include Ullyses, Oliver, Clarence, Owy and the two former member Ranz and Biboy.

Who is the real father of Ranz Kyle?

Lanz Ongsee
Ranz Kyle/Fathers

When did Chicser start?

Chicser/Active from

What is Niana favorite color?

Niana in orange – her favorite color…

What is the nickname of Niana Guerrero?

Niana Guerrero
Personal information
Height 1.61 m (5 ft 3 in)
YouTube information
Also known as Niana

What is Niana full name?

Niana Jose Evidente Guerrero
Niana Jose Evidente Guerrero (born January 27, 2006) is a Filipino dancer, singer and social media personality.

What happened to Niana upper lip?

Vlogger Niana Guerrero advised followers to stay safe after she got injured while doing a TikTok challenge. The dancer revealed in a viral video yesterday, Dec. 16 how she got a wound to the head while she and her family took part in a challenge.

Who are the members of the band Chicser?

Song-and-dance troupe who gained initial fame on YouTube and were previously known by the name of Server Crew in high school. In 2013, they released a self-titled EP and album titled Chicser Party. They found popularity on YouTube, where multiple videos of theirs, including “Oppa Gangnam Chicser Style,” have earned over 1 million views.

How did the group Chicser get their start?

Chicser started out as a high school “Barkada” who have a passion for dancing. At some point of November 2011, the group recorded one of their dance choreo on a rooftop to see how they’ve performed. Eventually, they uploaded the video on YouTube and shared it with family and close friends.

Where does the last name Chicser come from?

According to a user from Philippines, the name Chicser is of Philippines origin and means “Make us Laugh and Sweet And More”.

How old was Chicser when he started his career?

Chicser aims to be an inspiration to the youth and be a role model to all their fans. With God as a center of their life, Chicser aims to share their talent, give entertainment, and spread the good news to all for the advancement of His Kingdom. Age: 15 years old. Birthday: May 06, 1997.