Who is the Clown in the movie The Clown?

Kent McCoy, a real estate agent, is a loving husband and father who hosts a birthday party for his young son Jack. However, the clown assigned to their party is unable to make it.

Who is the producer of Frowny the Clown?

The film ends as the costume is packed away by the police as evidence. Eli Roth was the film’s producer and had a brief cameo as Frowny the Clown. In November 2010, Jon Watts and Christopher D. Ford uploaded a fake trailer to YouTube that announced Eli Roth would produce the film; Roth was not involved at the time.

When did the movie The Clown Monster come out?

The visual effects for the clown monster were done by Jagdeep Khoza, Alterian, Inc. and Tony Gardner. Principal photography began in November 2012, in Ottawa. The film was released in Italy on November 13, 2014, and was released in the United Kingdom on March 2, 2015, and in the United States on June 17, 2016, by Dimension Films.

Where was the clown costume in the Outsiders?

Fortunately, Kent discovers an old clown costume in the basement of a house he is selling and puts it on. After the party, Kent falls asleep wearing the costume, and the next morning finds he is unable to take it off. Kent is forced to go to work wearing the costume and tries to remove it.


Who are the members of the C Clown group?

The group consists of Rome, Siwoo, Ray, Kangjun, T.K, and Maru. C-CLOWN officially debuted on July 19, 2012. On October 5, 2015, it was announced that C-CLOWN disbanded. C-CLOWN Fandom Name: Crown C-CLOWN Official Colors: Pearl Forest Green.

What happens at the birthday party of the Clown?

A little boy’s birthday party gets ruined when his entertainment (clown) cancels. His father finds a clown suit and becomes the new entertainment but something is weird about it, there is an evil curse and it won’t come off. He specializes in eating little kids… everything after that goes down hill. The kids aren’t alright.

What’s the most funny name for a clown?

Yobo (Korean origin) clown name that means ”darling.” Whilst some people can’t stop laughing at clowns, others fear them. This is known as coulrophobia. For clown names that are terrifyingly funny, take a look at these clown names for girls. 23 .