Who is playing at Riot Fest?

Friday’s lineup includes The Smashing Pumpkins, Coheed and Cambria, Lupe Fiasco (performing The Cool), and NOFX. Saturday is scheduled to feature Run the Jewels, Faith No More, Dropkick Murphys, Rancid, and Taking Back Sunday. On Sunday (now sold out) it’s Nine Inch Nails, Pixies, Machine Gun Kelly, and Devo.

Will Riot Fest 2021 happen?

Riot Fest will take place September 17–19, 2021 in Douglass Park, Chicago, located at 1401 S Sacramento Dr (including a Preview Party on Thursday, September 16).

Is Riot Fest Cancelled?

Sep 15 – Sep 19, 2021
Riot Fest/Date

Who is headlining Riot Fest 2021?

Nine Inch Nails
The Riot Fest 2021 Lineup is Here (Plus, 2022 Tickets) Nine Inch Nails will headline in 2021—plus, more bands to be announced next week.

Does Riot Fest have one day passes?

RIOT FEST TICKETS Good ol’ general admission tickets get you inside festival grounds for the whole weekend (or day, if you want a single-day pass). Enjoy 80+ bands, full album performances, and a wide assortment of food and drink vendors.

What day is Faith No More playing Riot Fest 2021?

Faith No More return to Chicago’s Riot Fest in September 2021, this time they will joined by Mr. Bungle. For the very first time FNM will share the bill with Mr. Bungle at Riot Fest at Douglass Park in Chicago over the weekend of September 17th, 18th and 19th.

Is Riot Fest only in Chicago?

Riot Fest is an annual three-day music festival based in Chicago, Illinois, at Douglass Park….

Riot Fest
Dates September 13–17, 2021
Location(s) Douglass Park, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Years active 2005–present
Founded by Mike Petryshyn & Sean McKeough

Is Douglas Park a bad neighborhood?

Now I know that this neighborhood is consider the most dangerous in the city. A lot of gangs around and they can jump you in the broad daylight. Yes, the Douglas Park is a pretty dangerous park to visit. There are too many gang members dealing drugs on the streets and feral teens prowling around the park.

Does Riot Fest have multiple stages?

What the heck is a “Riot Fest”? You can see who played the last 15 Riot Fests here. When you’re not seeing one of the 80+ performances across 5 different stages, there are carnival rides (including a Ferris wheel), sideshow performers, and even the occasional butter sculpture.

Where is Riot Fest this year?

Douglass Park Golf Course
Douglas Park Cultural And Community Center
Riot Fest 2021/Location

Who owns Douglas Park BMW?

The company is wholly owned by Douglas Park who founded the business in 1971 as a small, three-coach operation. Park’s expanded into the Motor Trade in 1977 with a Datsun franchise in Hamilton and added a second in Strathaven one year later.

Is Douglas a good neighborhood in Chicago?

Overall, Douglas is a great neighborhood to live in. This neighborhood started primarily as a black-only but has been more diverse in the ethnicities that decide to live in this area. Additionally, the attraction of IIT is present. The area is welcoming and full of active bodied people.

Are there any tickets still on sale for Riot Fest?

3-day passes and Sunday passes did sell out out—but if you’re looking to still buy either, join the waitlist for the official Riot Fest fan-to-fan ticket exchange (powered by Lyte). Tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis— sign up now to be the first in line as more become available! Saturday and Sunday tickets are still on sale…

Who are the band members of Riot Fest?

Led by vocalist Geoff Rickly, the band’s initial lineup also included bassist Tim Payne, drummer Tucker Rule, and guitarists Steve Pedulla and Tom Keeley. After issuing their debut, 1999’s Waiting, through the New York-based indie label Eyeball Records, the band signed to Chicago’s influential Victory label for 2001’s Full Collapse.

When do I have to transfer my Riot Fest order?

No problem, you can transfer your current Riot Fest order to 2022 until June 15, 2021. Due to border restriction uncertainty, international ticket holders can transfer until Aug 18, 2021.

Why did Thursday not play at Riot Fest?

Although still unhappy, Thursday felt a responsibility to finish out their existing tour commitments, with that summer’s Warped to be their final run. Issues between the bandmembers gradually abated during the festival’s run, however, as Thursday found themselves having more fun playing than ever.