Who is Henry DuPont?

Henry Algernon du Pont (July 30, 1838 – December 31, 1926) was an American military officer, businessman, and politician from Delaware. An active member of the Republican Party, he was elected by the state legislature as a U.S. Senator from Delaware, serving most of two terms (June 13, 1906 to March 4, 1917).

Who owned Winterthur?

Henry Francis du Pont
H. F. du Pont now owned his beloved Winterthur and some $50 million besides. From the colonel he inherited something else of great value— his freedom. Stifled for so long, Henry Francis du Pont sprang into action almost as soon as the colonel was buried.

How big is Winterthur?

1,000 acres
About Winterthur A world-class naturalistic garden set within 1,000 acres of rolling hills, streams, meadows, and forests. A leader in the preservation and study of cultural heritage.

What is the history of the du Pont family?

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How big was Henry Francis du Pont’s estate?

Over decades Henry Francis du Pont expanded his family estate from the 30-room house he inherited to a 175-room mansion. In addition, he supervised the design and development of gardens near the house, as well as landscaping throughout the large estate grounds. In 1951 he established it as the Winterthur Museum and Country Estate.

Where did Henry Francis du Pont go to school?

Henry was born on May 27, 1880, at Winterthur. He was the only son of Henry Algernon du Pont and Mary Pauline Foster to live to maturity; by the time he was born, his parents had already buried five children. He went away to boarding school at Groton School in Massachusetts, though he struggled as a student.

Who was Jacques Antoine du Pont’s wife?

He found it sound, found a position there, and shortly thereafter found a wife in Eleuthère Irénée du Pont’s daughter, Evelina. Jacques Antoine and Evelina du Pont Bidermann moved into Winterthur in 1839, yet the grounds transformed and the house grew with every future generation.