What ref does not like Chris Paul?

But for one of the NBA’s most dominant players who has yet to win a championship, Chris Paul, it seems like his biggest foe is actually referee Scott Foster.

Why do they call Chris Paul CP3?

According to Paul, his father Charles Paul was “CP1” while his brother, Charles Edward Paul was “CP2.” This led to his childhood nickname becoming “CP3,” a name and jersey number that he has stuck with throughout the entirety of his NBA career.

How is Scott Foster still a referee?

Scott Foster has officiated 1,477 regular-season games over 25 seasons as an NBA official….Scott Foster.

NBA Experience 27th season
Resides Woodbine, Md.
High School Magruder (Rockville, Md.)
College University of Maryland ’93

Will Scott Foster ref again?

NBA Finals: Chris Paul, referee Scott Foster reunite for Game 6 with Suns on brink of elimination. MILWAUKEE – He’s back. Scott Foster will be head referee for Tuesday night’s Game 6 at Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee as the Phoenix Suns look to avoid elimination and force a Game 7 Thursday in Phoenix.

How old is Scott Foster?

39 years (January 17, 1982)
Scott Foster/Age

Why does Chris Paul hate Scott Foster?

More videos on YouTube. After a February loss in 2019, James Harden and Paul each called out Foster after the game. Harden said Foster shouldn’t be allowed to officiate Rockets games anymore, and characterized Foster as “rude and arrogant,” saying he couldn’t have a conversation with him during the game.

Who was the referee that called out Chris Paul?

Chris Paul has a long history of not getting along with veteran NBA referee Scott Foster, and the star point guard once again alluded to that after the Phoenix Suns lost to the Los Angeles Lakers

Who was the referee in Ed Herman fight?

Dana White called Chris Tognoni’s referee work “disgusting” after an apparent error flipped the script in Saturday’s Ed Herman vs. Mike Rodriguez fight at UFC on ESPN+ 35.

What was the referee’s blunder at UFC apex?

The light heavyweight matchup, which took place at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, was marred with controversy when Tognoni misidentified a second-round strike by Rodriguez (11-5 MMA, 2-3 UFC) as a low blow instead of a clean shot that dropped Herman (26-14 MMA, 13-10 UFC) and should’ve led to a TKO.