What languages did George Washington speak?

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George Washington only spoke English (and famously required an interpreter in his dealings with French and Dutch colonists), but many of his successors have been proficient in more than one language.

Which president could speak the most languages?

President John Quincy Adams
The most multilingual of all US Presidents was allegedly President John Quincy Adams – reportedly fluent in seven other languages: French, Dutch, Russian, Latin, Greek, Italian and German.

What languages does Bill Clinton speak?

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What president was a cheerleader in high school?

Bush attended high school at Phillips Academy, a boarding school in Andover, Massachusetts, where he played baseball and was the head cheerleader during his senior year.

Does Obama speak Spanish?

During his 2008 presidential campaign, while promoting foreign-language education in the United States, Obama said, “I don’t speak a foreign language.

Which president Cannot speak English?

Martin Van Buren. Martin Van Buren was the only American president who did not speak English as his first language. He was born in Kinderhook, New York, a primarily Dutch community, spoke Dutch as his first language, and continued to speak it at home.

Can Obama speak Spanish?

Barack Obama does not speak fluent Spanish. He has released various ad campaigns in Spanish and has otherwise spoken in Spanish on television many times, but considers himself to be monolingual.

What President was a cheerleader in high school?

Who is the only President to get married in the White House?

“I must go to dinner,” he wrote a friend, “but I wish it was to eat a pickled herring a Swiss cheese and a chop at Louis’ instead of the French stuff I shall find.” In June 1886 Cleveland married 21-year-old Frances Folsom; he was the only President married in the White House.

Was Michael Jackson a cheerleader?

AND 11. As with acting, Kirk’s son Michael also followed in his dad’s footsteps in cheerleading; he was on the squad at Choate.