What kind of cichlid is a zebra?

Maylandia estherae (the Red Zebra mbuna, Red Zebra Cichlid , or Esther Grant’s Zebra) is a haplochromine cichlid. It is a rock dwelling fish or mbuna from Lake Malawi.

How big do OB zebra cichlids get?

Maximum Size: In aquariums a Red Zebra males can grow to be about 7″ long, and females grow to about 5″ long, including their tails, which is a very nice size for aquariums. Rarely, a Red OB Zebra can grow even longer.

Are there blue zebras?

The Blue Zebra Cichlid goes by a few names, such as the Cobalt Zebra, Cobalt Blue Zebra, or Cobalt Blue Mbuna. Their scientific name is Maylandia callainos and they’re part of the Cichlidae family. They were originally classified in the Metriaclima genus, but this was later changed.

How big do cobalt blue zebras get?

8 centimetres
Maylandia callainos (sometimes referred to as cobalt zebra, cobalt blue mbuna or cobalt blue zebra cichlid) is a species of cichlid endemic to Lake Malawi where they only occurred naturally in Nkhata Bay though it has now been introduced to other locations. This species can reach a length of 8 centimetres (3.1 in) SL.

Are zebra mbuna aggressive?

They are relatively aggressive and are best housed with other Mbuna species or other African cichlids of similar size and personality. Don’t house them with the more peaceful Lake Malawi species like the Peacock Cichlids or other less aggressive cichlids.

Why do bumblebee cichlids turn black?

B” due to his large personality. Given the number of bright egg spots, his ability to turn almost entirely black when aggressive and the fact that he is the dominant fish in the tank, he is probably male.

What kind of animal is a zebra cichlid?

The Zebra Cichlids are a group of some of the most popular of the rock-dwelling Mbuna. Previously Zebra Cichlids consisted of related species all contained within the genus Pseudotropheus, which means “false Tropheus”.

What are the different types of cichlids in an aquarium?

40 Types of Cichlids for your Aquarium (With Pictures) 1 1. Dogtooth Cichlid. 2 2. Electric Blue Hap. 3 3. Electric Blue Johanni. 4 4. Electric Yellow Cichlid. 5 5. Auratus.

Where do zebra cichlids live in Lake Malawi?

The Zebra Cichlids, also known as the Mbuna Cichlids, are endemic to Lake Malawi. This is a popular group of very active and aggressive personalities, made up of 12 genera and many species.The Mbuna group are attractive rock dwelling cichlids. The African word “mbuna” means “rockfish”.

Is there such thing as MISC African cichlids?

Unfortunately, many fish shops do not properly label the fishes they sell. Often they are sold with only a common name (e.g., Red Top Zebra, Electric Blue) or even worse, in an unlabeled tank they mysteriously referred to as “Misc African cichlids”.