What is V-Ray DMC sampler?

The DMC Sampler is a framework within V-Ray for determining exactly which samples are to be taken around pixels involved in “blurry” effects such as anti-aliasing, depth of field, indirect illumination, area lights, glossy reflections/refractions, translucency, motion blur, and so on.

What is the purpose of the threshold setting on a sampler?

The threshold which triggers/terminates adaptive-AA. This value controls how sensitive to noise the adaptive sampling algorithm gets. Lower numbers will detect more noise. The default value (0.015) should work well for most scenes.

What is Global DMC in V-Ray?

V-Ray uses a variant of Monte Carlo sampling called Deterministic Monte Carlo (DMC). The DMC uses a pre-defined set of samples (possibly optimized to reduce the noise), which allows re-rendering an image to always produce the exact same result.

What is irradiance map?

DEFINITION. A data structure that stores total illumination arriving at a point. May be used to interpolate irradiance values at near-by points on a surface.

What is irradiance map in VRAY?

In V-Ray, the term Irradiance map refers to a method of efficiently computing the diffuse surface Irradiance for objects in the scene. The Irradiance map is in fact a collection of points in 3D space (a point cloud) along with the computed indirect illumination at those points.

What is Subdivs VRAY?

The Subdivs parameter controls the number of rays that are shot into the scene and the noise quality of the light cache samples. Here is a scene rendered with different settings for the Subdivs parameter (all other settings are the same). As we add more samples, the noise is reduced, but the render times increase.

Why is V-Ray rendering so slow?

The more polycount, the slower the rendering. If you are using Vray, always proxy the ones with high polycount. Don’t put too many subdivisions on your shadows (as much as possible). I.e. If you render your final image at 3500px you don’t need more than 4000px image anywhere.

Why do I only get one DMC sample per ray?

The reason for that is that if you set Max DMC to 50 (for example), Vray will subdivide every subdiv value in the scene to 1, which means for every ray sample sent to the scene you will be sending only 1 glossy sample for reflection, 1 for area light, motion blur etc.

Which is the best setting for V-Ray render?

Many times you’ll see artists adopt the ‘Universal V-Ray Settings’ of having the Image Sampler (Anti-Aliasing, or AA) Max Subdivs value set very high (like 50 or 100), and then simply lowering the noise threshold value until the render becomes clean enough – thinking that it’s the best / fastest that V-Ray can do.

What is samplerate render element in V-Ray?

The SampleRate render element is one of the most important tools we’ll be using to help us optimize our renders. It’s V-Ray way of showing us exactly what the Image Sampler (AA) is doing at any given pixel.

Why does V Ray use two samplers instead of one?

The reason V-Ray does this is because it’s internal formulas are set up in a way that attempts to automatically balance it’s two samplers.