What is the 0 19 team?

The Redbridge Universal Childrens Service (0 to 19 years) is responsible for delivering public health programmes and interventions to improve health outcomes for all parents, children, young people and their families.

What is ChatHealth?

ChatHealth is a confidential text messaging service that enables children and young people (aged 11-19) to contact their local public health nursing (school nursing) team. You can get in touch for advice about any aspect of your physical or emotional health.

What is a health visitor NHS?

A health visitor is a qualified nurse or midwife who has had extra training. They’re there to help you, your family and your new baby stay healthy. Your health visitor can visit you at home, or you can see them at your child health clinic, GP surgery or health centre, depending on where they’re based.

What can I call my health visitor for?

Your health visitor will see you for scheduled visits at various stages during your baby’s early years….You can also ask your health visitor if you have concerns about:

  • your baby’s sight or hearing.
  • your baby’s sleep and routines.
  • childcare, if you want to go back to work or training.
  • your own health.

What is the 0 19 agenda?

It focuses on the contribution of health visiting and school nursing services leading and co-ordinating the delivery of public health for children aged 0 to 19. The healthy child programme aims to bring together health, education and other main partners to deliver an effective programme for prevention and support.

What are the 6 high impact areas?

Health visitors lead the Healthy Child Programme 0 to 5 and the 6 early years high impact areas:

  • supporting the transition to parenthood.
  • supporting maternal and family mental health.
  • supporting breastfeeding.
  • supporting healthy weight, healthy nutrition.
  • improving health literacy; reducing accidents and minor illnesses.

Can I refuse a health visitor?

A health visitor has no right of access to your house – she cannot come in unless she is invited. Also, you are not obliged to use the services offered by a health visitor and you can refuse to see any of them at any time.

When should I call a health visitor?

You will be contacted by your Health Visitor by phone or video call when your baby is 10-14 days old and 6-8 weeks to help you, your family and your new baby stay healthy. If you haven’t heard from your Health Visitor yet, please follow this link to find contact details for your local team.

Are health visitor checks compulsory?

These visits originally became mandatory when the commissioning of the Healthy Child Programme transferred from the NHS to local authorities in Oct 2015. The arrangements made it clear that health visitors were best placed to carry out the checks and the contract would continue until March 2017.

What is best start in life?

To get the best possible start in life, a baby’s mother needs to be healthy before and during pregnancy and childbirth. There is compelling evidence that a child’s experiences in the early years (0–4) has a major impact on their health and life chances, as children and adults.

What gives babies the best start in life?

Supporting good maternal health is important for safe delivery and good birth weight to give babies the best start. The prevention of adverse health factors in pregnancy is vital. Premature and small babies are more likely to have poorer outcomes.

What are high impact areas?

The high impact areas provide an opportunity to consider areas which provide the biggest impact in improving outcomes for children, young people and families, using the universal reviews and key contact points to improve individual, community and population health.

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Who are the stakeholders in your 0-19 team?

We want to involve as many people as possible in developing services towards this vision including children, young people and their families/carers, staff and stakeholders, such as yourselves, to make sure we work towards and achieve the vision. If you would like to get involved and be a part of creating this vision please contact us.

When does the 6th place pool come out?

6th Place Completed on June 26, 2021 in 75 games. This pool is for regular season games on and after Opening Day 2021 (April 1, 2021).