What is nice perform?

NICE Perform Overview NICE Perform offers traditional NICE Call Recording, call searching, call scoring and management reporting facilities but goes a step further allowing managers to analyse data at a strategic level alongside other relevant information contained in the business.

What does NICE recording stand for?

NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder
NICE Advanced Interaction Recorder (AIR) and Engage is a scalable, secure and robust platform that make it easy to record and manage interaction data from multiple channels and data sources in a single place.

What is NICE Engage?

Industry leading, secure omnichannel recording and interaction management platform, NICE Engage makes it easy to record and manage 100% of interactions across multiple channels and data sources.

How do you get around the Verint?

To deactivate the program simply go into your system’s control panel, under programs and deselect Verint. Voila! You are no longer under surveillance. You can also reset your mouse settings to show that you are never away from your system or never sitting idle.

What is verint Ris?

• Provides a full-time, multichannel enterprise recording and archiving solution to help enhance compliance, reduce liability, and drive better customer experiences.

What are the merits of voice recording system?

Benefits & Advantages of Voice Recorder If the quality of call interaction is improved, so is customer satisfaction. Using a voice recorder can boost security, as it helps you identify security concerns. Agents know that calls are recorded, so they spend less time on personal calls. This improves productivity.

What’s the best audio recording app?

Here are the 10 best voice recorder apps for Android

  1. Rev Voice Recorder.
  2. Android’s Stock Audio Recorder.
  3. Easy Voice Recorder.
  4. Smart Voice Recorder.
  5. ASR Voice Recorder.
  6. RecForge II.
  7. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder.
  8. Voice Recorder – Audio Editor.

What is nexidia?

Nexidia is an interaction analytics software company that provides indexing and mining software for audio and video.

Is verint a good company to work for?

Verint is a good company to always try to keep up its products to meet market needs.” “Great experience, wonderful to work in such a large environment.” “The people that I work with and the environment that I work in is very welcoming. Everyone wants to see you succeed and develop new skills.

How much does Verint WFM cost?

Pricing Information

Units Description 12 MONTHS
QM Professional Bundle Voice and Screen Rec, Automated Quality Mgmt (AQM) & Performance Mgmt $780
WFM Professional Bundle Workforce Management (WFM) and Performance Management (PM) $396
WFO Professional Bundle Voice and Screen Recording, AQM, WFM and PM $1,140


What is nice and what does it do?

NICE is the worldwide leading provider of software solutions enabling organizations to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance, fight financial crime, and safeguard people and assets. NICE’s solutions capture, analyze, and apply, in real time, insights from both structured and unstructured data.

Where does the power of Nice perform come from?

The power of NICE Perform lies in the unique synergy between components that allows any user to gain insights from the interactions, and turn these insights into an exceptionally valuable source of decision-support information.

What are the results of NPM in Nice?

These three elements, in turn, play a critical role in agent motivation. And the results are self-evident: NICE clients using NPM report a 50 percent increase in employee engagement and satisfaction. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.