What is central registry clearance?

Michigan’s Central Registry is a list of people who committed child abuse or neglect; as mandated by The Child Protection Law. The sections below outline how Central Registry clearances can be requested in Michigan. …

How do I get removed from the Michigan Central Registry?

Write a letter to the CPS worker’s supervisor requesting that your name be taken off (expunged from) Central Registry. Ask in writing for an Administrative Hearing to have your name taken off (expunged from) Central Registry.

How do I get a CPS expunged in Michigan?

If you are currently and correctly listed on the Michigan Central Registry, you may request the Michigan Department of Human Services amend an inaccurate CPS report or record. You may also request that the Michigan Department of Human Services expunge your record.

How long does your name stay on central registry Michigan?

ten years
If your request and appeal were denied and the abuse or neglect falls under CPS Categories I or II, your name will stay on the Central Registry for ten years. You may have to ask MDHHS in writing to remove your name at the end of ten years.

How do I contact CPS in Michigan?

Call Michigan Children’s Protective Services (CPS) at 1-855-444-3911 – any time, day or night. (Note: CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region is not the agency that investigates child abuse and neglect.)

Who checks the Central Registry?

The Department of Justice
The Department of Justice provides criminal background check results and subsequent criminal record history information to the agency that licenses/certifies/approves placement.

Who has access to the Central Registry?

Central registry records are used increasingly to screen adults for various employment or volunteer positions. Approximately 32 states and the District of Columbia allow access to central registry records for agencies conducting background checks on individuals applying to be child care or youth care providers.

What happens when CPS is called in Michigan?

If CPS decides the situation requires more serious action to keep your child safe, CPS may file a petition with the court. CPS might work with the county prosecutor or attorney general to do this. CPS must file a petition if it ranks a case Category I. The petition starts a child protective proceeding in court.

What is considered child endangerment in Michigan?

What is child endangerment charge in Michigan? In Michigan, transporting a child under the age of 16 while driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI) or being impaired by any amount of a controlled substance in your system is considered DUI child endangerment.

How do I know if I have an open CPS case?

If a case is opened against you or you are initially being investigated you will be visited by a CPS Investigator within 24 hrs of a report being made against you. The Investigator or caseworker will show up at your home and you will be read the allegations against you.