What is a Mars mod radio?

MARS is the Military Auxiliary Radio Service. They use HF and VHF frequencies near ham band to forward personal messages to/from military personnel. They also use frequencies near ham band, and ham volunteers, to coordinate search activities and relay messsages.

What are the Mars mod frequencies?

The Mars Relay uses frequencies of 437.1 MHz for transmission, and 401.5 and 405.6 MHz for reception. Because these frequencies are near the radio amateur bands, Hams will have the opportunity to help out NASA and listen for the Mars Relay beacon transmission at 437.1 MHz.

Is Mars Cap Mod legal?

People do the modification to allow the unit to transmit on frequencies which require certification. It is illegal to transmit on frequencies outside of the amateur radio bands that require certificated radios.

Does Yaesu make a GMRS radio?

As built none of the amateur Yaesu radios will transmit out of band, e.g. they can receive GMRS but the firmware locks you out from trying to transmit. Yaesu has been building amateur radios for a really long time, zero worries about their quality.

How do I join MARS radio?

To apply for membership in MARS, go to the following webpage and complete the application form: Application to Join Army MARS. Direct your questions to HQ, Army MARS. HQ, ARMY MARS WEBSITES.

Can civilians use military radios?

There really arent any military-type radios available for civilian use. military radio nets have been encrypted for years, and have been digital networks for years.

What is Ham Mars?

Welcome to the U.S. Army MARS Web Site MARS stands for Military Auxiliary Radio System. Army MARS is a Department of Defense sponsored program which utilizes Amateur Radio operators to contribute to the mission of the Department of the Army.

What is the Military Auxiliary radio service ( Mars )?

The Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS) and Civil Air Patrol (CAP) are public service organizations. The MARS organization passes personal military messages. CAP is a search and rescue resource using a combination of youth and experienced personal. This mod opens frequencies that requires authorized to use.

What are the frequencies of the Mars mod?

The MARS Mod has no affect on the receiver which already covers the full range of SWL frequencies out of the box without modifications. From the IC-7300 specs: “RX Frequencies: 0.030-74.800” (although Icom does qualify that a bit “* Some frequency bands are not guaranteed. ** Guaranteed range: 0.500–29.999, 50.000–54.000MHz.”).

Can a ham radio be modified with Mars?

Seems odd that a dealer of this size would modify a ham radio without some form of an authorization for CAP or MARS.

Are there still land based radio stations on Mars?

The traditional land or sea-based MARS Radio Phone Patch is largely a thing of the past because land and sea-based MARS stations have been dismantled in favor of Satellite Phones.