What glasses are authorized in the Air Force?

2 Eyeglasses/sunglasses — Frames may be a conservative color: black, brown, white, dark blue, gray or transparent material, gold or silver wire. Brand-name glasses may be worn with small logo on frames or lenses.

Can I wear a bracelet in uniform Air Force?

Jewelry: Watches and bracelets are allowed but must be of a conservative style and can’t be worn if they will be a safety hazard. Up to three rings in total are allowed, counting both hands. Necklaces can be worn if concealed under the shirt. Women can wear stud earrings.

Which AFI covers dress and appearance?

AFI 36-2903
Uniform clothing items each Airman must always have, according to AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of the Air Force Personnel. Optional Clothing Items. A uniform clothing item, other than a mandatory clothing item, approved for wear by all Air Force personnel. Accoutrements.

Can you wear earrings in PT gear Air Force?

Earrings, Backpacks and PT Shirts The new rules allow male airmen to wear earrings even while on base, provided they are in civilian attire and not performing any military duty. For women, a slightly larger range of ear jewelry is authorized in uniform, per the new rules.

Can you wear your own glasses in the air force?

Air Force Basic Training Glasses You cannot wear contact lenses during basic training. You also cannot wear your civilian glasses, once you have received your official government-issue glasses. If you don’t really need glasses to see, you won’t be required to wear them.

Can you wear earbuds in army uniform?

Army Regulation 670-1 prohibits soldiers from wearing wireless or non-wireless devices or earpieces while wearing Army uniforms. But a soldier dressed in civilian clothes is able to work out in the same gym and wear his headphones.

Can retired officers wear uniforms?

Retired officers and enlisted personnel, who are not on active duty, may wear the uniform, insignia, and qualifications corresponding to the rank or rating indicated on the retired list. a. Retired personnel may wear uniforms at ceremonies or official functions when the dignity of the occasion and good taste dictate.

Do you salute in mess dress?

While possession of the Mess Dress Uniform is mandatory for Officers, it is an optional uniform for Enlisted personnel and they may wear the Semi-Formal at functions calling for Mess Dress attire. Saluting is not required while outdoors when wearing the Enlisted Mess Dress Uniform.

Can you live with your military boyfriend?

If one of those people falls ill or injured, he can come home for them. If a girlfriend or boyfriend falls ill or injured, the soldier cannot come home for them. Others marry so they can live with their partner — without marriage, the soldier must live in the barracks without their partner.

Can you have your nipples pierced in the military?

There are no regulations that might cover nipple rings, except one that says Marines should not display “eccentricities of dress.” The Navy, the Marine Corps’ parent service, also has no nipple ring regulations. It does have restrictions–Billy Budd be damned–banning earrings and pierced ears.

What is the lowest eye vision?

20/200 to 20/400 is considered severe visual impairment, or severe low vision. 20/500 to 20/1,000 is considered profound visual impairment, or profound low vision. less than 20/1,000 is considered near-total visual impairment, or near total blindness.

When does afi-36-2903, dress and personal appearance end?

WASHINGTON (AFNS) — The Air Force announced a series of uniform updates to Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel, effective July 13, 2018.

What is AFI 36-2903 for Air Force ROTC?

This supplement implements AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel Users must read this supplement in conjunction with implemented publications. It establishes Air Force ROTC (AFROTC) policy regarding the wear of Air Force unif orm items and personal appearance standards of cadets.

Where can I find Air Force dress and appearance policy?

NOTE: Official changes to policy and the overall uniform program fall under the discretion of Headquarters Air Force and the Uniform Board. All personnel are encouraged to review the entire Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress & Appearance of Air Force Personnel, available under the Policy expandable menu.

What kind of earrings can a female Air Force officer wear?

– Females are authorized to wear round or square white diamond, gold, white pearl or silver earrings as a set with any uniform combination. – Eyeglasses and sunglasses may have a small logo that can contrast with frame color or lenses. Conservative, clear, slightly tinted or photosensitive lenses are also authorized.