What does Rasmus mean in Danish?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rasmus is a shortened form of “Erasmus”, a name which means “beloved” and was the name of Erasmus of Formia, a well-known saint. It is a common male name in Scandinavia.

What does Bo mean in Danish?

Bo is a mainly Swedish/Danish masculine given name, derived from an Old Norse nickname, bua, meaning “to live”. A variant of Bo is the Swedish Bosse. Bo is uncommon as a surname. Bo is also short for several names, including Beaufort, Beauregard, Bonita or Bonnie.

What does Viggo mean in Danish?

Viggo, also spelled Wiggo, is a Nordic male name. a latinised form of the Old Norse name Vigge, which is also found in the form of other Germanic names, such as Ludvig. It stems from old Norse ‘vig’, meaning “battle, fight”.

Is Dane a Viking name?

Norse or Norsemen – The name used for the people living in Scandinavia during the Viking Age. It literally means ‘man from the north’. However, during the Viking Age the word ‘Dane’ became synonymous with Vikings that raided and invaded England.

Is Rasmus a German name?

Rasmus Name Meaning Danish, North German, and Dutch: from a reduced form of the personal name Erasmus, Latin form of Greek Erasmos, a derivative of eran ‘to love’. St. Erasmos (died 303) was a bishop of Formia in Campania, who was martyred under Diocletian.

What does name Simone mean?

Origin. Word/name. Hebrew via Greek. Meaning. “He has heard” or “God had heard”

What is Bo nickname for?

Such names for which Bo is often used as a nickname include Robert (Bobby), Beauregard, Beaufort, Boniface, Boden, Bode, Boris, Bonita or Bonnie. Bo is also pronounced the same way as the French Beau (meaning “beautiful”) or the Chinese character 波 (meaning “wave”).

What nationality is Viggo?

Viggo Mortensen/Nationality