What are the superior and inferior colliculus responsible for?

The superior colliculus is a layered, multi-sensory structure. Its upper layer receives visual signals from the retina of the eye, while the lower layers process multiple signals from various other parts of the brain. Movement of the eyes is also connected with the cells present in the lower layers of the colliculus.

What is a Brachium of superior colliculus?

Description. The brachium of superior colliculus is a connecting arm between the superior colliculus and lateral geniculate body.

What is inferior Brachium?

The Brachium of inferior colliculus (or inferior brachium) carries auditory afferent fibers from the inferior colliculus of the mesencephalon to the medial geniculate nucleus.

What is the function of superior colliculi?

The superior colliculus (SC) is a multisensory midbrain structure that integrates visual, auditory, and somatosensory spatial information to initiate orienting movements of the eyes and head toward salient objects in space.

What happens if the inferior colliculus is damaged?

The inferior colliculus (IC), a complex neural circuit in the auditory brainstem, plays an important role in sound processing. Damage to the IC inhibitory circuitry likely contributes to different hearing disorders including tinnitus and hyperacusis[[1], [6]].

What do the inferior Colliculi do?

The inferior colliculus is a part of the midbrain that serves as a main auditory (sound) center for the body. It acts as the channel for almost all auditory signals in the human body. It also processes sensory signals from the superior colliculi, located above it.

What happens if the superior colliculus is damaged?

Lesion of the LEFT superior colliculus results in inability to turn head reflexively to the RIGHT (CONTRA.) upon visual (or somatosensory and auditory) stimuli on the RIGHT. Other Note: Superior colliculus is also involved in the control of eye movements.

What happens if the Tegmentum is damaged?

The brainstem tegmentum, including the reticular formation, contains distinct nuclei, each of which has a set of chemical, physiological and anatomical features. Damage to the brainstem tegmentum is known to cause coma, the most radical disturbance of consciousness.

Where does the brachium of the superior colliculus end?

The brachium of superior colliculus (or superior brachium) is a branch that extends laterally from the superior colliculus, and, passing between the pulvinar and medial geniculate body, is partly continued into an eminence called the lateral geniculate body, and partly into the optic tract.

What are the colliculi of the posterior surface of the midbrain?

Posterior surface of midbrain contain four colliculi also called corpora quadrigemina. These are rounded eminences that are divided into superior and inferior colliculi. Lateral surface of midbrain has superior and inferior brachia. The superior brachium passes from the superior colliculus to the lateral geniculate body and the optic tract.

Which is larger the inferior or the superior colliculi?

The inferior and superior colliculi are known collectively as the corpora quadrigemina (Latin, quadruplet bodies ). The superior colliculi are larger than the inferior colliculi, though the inferior colliculi are more prominent.

Where are corticonuclear fibres found in the midbrain?

Figure 3 – Cross-section of the midbrain at the level of the inferior colliculi. NOTE: corticonuclear fibres are also known as corticobulbar. Much of the internal structure of the midbrain is unchanged at this level and should be assumed present unless mentioned below.