What are some examples of pacification?

Pacification sentence example. They were weary of a means of pacification which produced endless wars abroad and misery at home. But the pacification was only on the surface. The king, therefore, thought it best to agree to terms of pacification .

Is pacification a noun?

pacification noun – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary at OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com.

What is a pacification official?

Pacification is an attempt to create or maintain peace. That can mean appeasing a hostile country through diplomacy or even just by settling an argument. That can help you remember that pacification is a means — usually carried out by a government — to keep the peace or end a conflict.

What is another word for pacification?

Some common synonyms of pacify are appease, conciliate, mollify, placate, and propitiate.

What is military pacification?

Pacification is a controversial and complex issue in American military history. It is complex because it describes simultaneous military, political, and economic activities to protect, control, appease, or coerce civilians and to reform governments besieged by insurgency or external subversion.

What is the root word of pacification?

pacification (n.) “a setting at peace,” mid-15c., pacificacioun, from Old French pacification “act of making peaceful” (15c.) and directly from Latin pacificationem (nominative pacificatio) “a peace-making,” noun of action from past-participle stem of pacificare “to pacify” (see pacify).

What is pacification process?

Pacification theory is a counter-hegemonic approach to the study of police and security which views the contemporary security-industrial complex as both an organizing and systematic war strategy targeting domestic and foreign enemies while simultaneously acting as a process that actively fabricates a social order …

What was the pacification program?

CORDS (Civil Operations and Revolutionary development Support) was a pacification program of the governments of South Vietnam and the United States during the Vietnam War. The program was created on 9 May 1967, and included military and civilian components of both governments.

What is the opposite of pacification?

pacification. Antonyms: warfare, fighting, hostilities, war, arms, the sword. Synonyms: conciliation, reconciliation, reconcilement, arrangement, compromise, adjustment.

What was involved in military pacification?

From a military perspective, it often involves protecting civilians from guerrilla warfare depredations (confiscation of property, assassination, torture, and other forms of political coercion) or denying guerrillas access to material and psychological assistance provided by civilian supporters.

What does it mean to be a Pacifican?

A Pacifican term, originally a disparaging term for the fundies, later applied to anyone who follows an ecclesiastic religion (e.g. Universalists, Umma, Dominion). Great Whale, The: A popular term for the Utopia Sphere Cetan ISO: Greenzep: Zeppelin with a double transparent membrane, pumping an algae solution in the interstitial space.

What does pacifiable mean?

1. tending to make or preserve peace; conciliatory. 2. not warlike; peaceable; mild. 3. at peace; peaceful. 4. calm; tranquil. 5. ( cap.) of, pertaining to, or bordering on the Pacific Ocean. n. 6. ( cap.)

What does palification mean?

Palification (noun) the act or practice of driving piles or posts into the ground to make it firm Etymology: [L. palus a stake + -ficare (in comp.) to make: cf. F. palification.

What does pacifism mean?

Definition of pacifism. 1 : opposition to war or violence as a means of settling disputes specifically : refusal to bear arms on moral or religious grounds For Quakers pacifism is a major tenet of belief.