Is Ultra Magnus a good guy?

He’s strong, resolute, dependable, selfless, and courageous. Sadly, Ultra Magnus is the only Autobot who doesn’t realize this. Believing he is nothing but a soldier, Ultra Magnus is perfectly willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good if need be.

Are Ultra Magnus and Megatron related?

First debuting to American audiences in 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie, Ultra Magnus was a trusted lieutenant to Optimus Prime who was chosen to replace him as the leader of the Autobots following Optimus’ death at the hands of Megatron.

Who is Ultra Magnus’s girlfriend?

Elita One is the name of five fictional characters from the Transformers series. Although Elita One appeared in fiction first in 1985 as Optimus Prime’s girlfriend, she didn’t get a transforming toy until the 2007 film. Elita One is is a female Autobot, usually pink or red in color.

Why is there an enmity between Magnus and Galvatron?

There is a special enmity between him and Galvatron for this reason, for Galvatron may be the most deadly foe of all. (Also, Galvatron, given his mental state, probably doesn’t approve of people he’s had blown up getting back up afterward. This can be seen as a sore point for Magnus, too.)

Who is more insane Megatron or Galvatron?

He is batshit insane. Megatron would have no problem clobbering mutineers and rivals, but Galvatron is so nuts he will beat up his most loyal troops. He is so insane that his mind literally overwhelms Torkulon, he is absolutely dedicated to destruction, and I love the relationship between Galvatron and Cyclonus.

When did Ultra Magnus fight Cyclonus in Transformers?

The two had many, many fights, and in between, Ultra Magnus also had to deal with the archrival he found in Galvatron’s second-in-command Cyclonus. During the Hate Plague outbreak in 2006, Ultra Magnus was one of the infected.

How did Ultra Magnus take over the Autobots?

Following the mysterious disappearance of Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus travelled to Earth from Cybertron to take over leadership of the Autobots. Under his leadership, the Autobots established Metroplex as a city to live in, and yet were still able to keep their existence a secret from humanity at large.