Is the Russ Martin Show still going?

Martin hosted the No. 1-rated The Russ Martin Show on KLLI Live 105.3 in Dallas, until December 8, 2008, when KLLI switched to an all-sports format….

Russ Martin
Died February 27, 2021 (aged 60) Frisco, Texas, U.S.
Show The Russ Martin Show
Station(s) KEGL (1987–2000) KLLI-FM (2000–2008) KEGL (2010–2021)

Where can I listen to the Russ Martin Show?

97.1 the EAGLE Podcasts

  • Scully In The Morning. Scully in the Morning live weekdays from 6:00am-10:00am on 97.1 The Eagle/Dallas..
  • The Ben and Skin Show.
  • The Russ Martin Show Podcast.

What happened to JD Ryan?

In 1997, while working at the top country radio station in Dallas Fort Worth, KSCS, JD developed a cyst on his vocal cords and lost his voice for 2 years.

What just played on 97.1 The Eagle?

97.1 the Eagle Music

  • Hells BellsAC/DCBack In Black 11:04 AM.
  • When I’m Gone3 Doors DownAway From The Sun 10:46 AM.
  • Self EsteemThe OffspringSmash 10:42 AM.
  • Come As You AreNirvanaNevermind 10:34 AM.

How old was Russ Martin?

60 years (1960–2021)
Russ Martin/Age at death

Who is Ben and Skin?

Brothers From Another Mother: Ben and Skin (Sort Of) In Their Own Words. Ben Rogers and Jeff “Skin” Wade have had the most unlikely rise to radio fame in Dallas history. Now they’re ready for their next challenge: to overthrow Prestige Worldwide.

Did Russ Martin suicide?

February 27, 2021
Russ Martin/Date of death

How much does Russ Martin make?

He’s now paid a lot of money to stay off the air: $1.1 million per year, to be exact.

What happened to Ben and Skin on the fan?

The “Ben & Skin” duo left The Fan back in October citing a “spectacular opportunity that another media outlet made available” to them, and had maintained their silence on what the move would be until the official announcement.

Why is Jeff Wade’s nickname skin?

What kind of name is “Skin” for a 45-year-old father? Wade: I’ve had the nickname since high school. It’s short for “Skinny” which unfortunately for me hasn’t really been applicable in a long time. I hated it when I was an overly self-conscious 16-year-old.

Who is the owner of 97.1 The Eagle?

97.1 the Eagle is an Active Rock radio station serving Dallas-Fort Worth. Owned and operated by iHeartMedia. Frequency: 97.1 FM

When does Scully on 97.1 The eagle start?

97.1 The Eagle’s BFD 2021 Is Back! Get Ticket Info & The Full Lineup Here! Listen For Your Chance To Win! Scully in the Morning live weekdays from 6:00am-10:00am on 97.1 The Eagle/Dallas.. I do the news…and just bag on everything going on,… then we rock. Yes. New episodes a couple times a week, when I have the tiime to load ’em up!!!

Who are the hosts of the Eagle radio show?

Featuring hosts Ben Rogers and Jeff “Skin” Wade, along with Newsman Kevin “KT Turner, and Producer Krystina Ray Follow the gang on twitter @benrogers @skinwade @ktfuntweets and @krystina_ray The Russ Martin Show with Russ Martin, Dan O’Malley, Clo, Alfie, and Jerry weekdays on KEGL 3PM-7PM.