Is Rolex Explorer good investment?

In terms of future investment potential, both the Explorer and Air King seem to be on an unstoppable trajectory up, like most of the Rolex lineup. However, the easier to find nature and lower entry point on the secondary market definitely makes the Air King more of an attractive watch for beginner watch investors.

Why is Rolex Explorer not popular?

The Rolex Explorer II has always sold well enough for Rolex. But it’s never been as popular as the brand’s other tool watches. This is due to its distinct aesthetic and narrower target market.

What is the best Rolex Explorer?

The Five Best Rolex Explorer Watches of All-Time

  1. 1997 Rolex Explorer I 14270 Black Dial.
  2. 1998 Rolex Explorer II 16570 White Dial.
  3. 1993 Rolex Explorer II 16570 Black Dial.
  4. 1965 Vintage Rolex Explorer 1016 Tropical Dial.
  5. 1990 Rolex Explorer 14270 Rare Blackout Dial.
  6. 10 of the Most Incredible Watches Made by Hand.

Is Rolex Explorer rare?

This is an exceedingly rare watch, as it was produced for just about one year, and concurrently with its predecessor, the 6150. This watch now sits in the Beyer Museum in Zürich, Switzerland. A Rolex Explorer reference 6610.

Do Rolex Explorers hold value?

Newer Rolex Explorer II models sell for around 5,600 USD on the pre-owned market, and you can expect to spend at least another 2000 USD for a brand-new model. The price difference between the new and pre-loved however, demonstrates how well the Explorer II holds its value.

Will Rolex discontinue the Explorer?

2021 Rolex Explorer II. Now that the 39mm Explorer has been discontinued, every person who wants a Rolex Explorer with a larger case size will be looking for that exact same reference,” Mr Altieri explains.

Will Rolex Explorer 2 be discontinued?

It doesn’t quite come as a surprise that for Rolex’s presentation of new models for 2021, the Explorer II is the star of the show. 2021 is actually the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Explorer II, and in traditional Rolex fashion, the brand has to celebrate this.

Will Rolex Explorer go up in value?

The value of the Rolex Explorer has grown by 269% between 1994 and 2016, meaning it has almost quadrupled. In total, the price increased by 4,000 € during this time. Over the last 10 years, the average growth has been 236 € or 5.2% per year….VALUE DEVELOPMENT.

Year Rolex Explorer Portfolio Luxury Watches
2017 5,900€ 4,324€

Is the Rolex Explorer the perfect watch?

The Explorer has Rolex’s Superlative Chronometer certification. This means it’s accurate to -2/+2 seconds per day after casing, which is over twice the required accuracy for a chronometer. It features a self-winding movement caliber 3132. These Rolex calibers are considered the most accurate on the market.

Why are Rolex Explorers so expensive?

Not only does Rolex manufacture much of its materials in-house, but they also use many expensive materials for their watches. This of course naturally increases the price. For many watches, Rolex uses things like 18K gold, diamonds, mother of pearl, and other expensive materials.

Why Rolex Explorer is the best?

When did the Rolex Explorer ref 1016 come out?

By the time the ref. 1016 emerged in 1963, it represented the model’s third iteration, one that went relatively unchanged for another 26 years. The Rolex Explorer ref 1016 is a highly durable watch. The literary Bond character was particularly nonchalant about his watches, and his gadgets in general.

What do you need to know about the Rolex Explorer?

1. A (Very) Brief History Of The Rolex Explorer 2. Ref 6350 & Ref 6150 – The First Rolex Explorers 3. Rolex Explorer Ref 6610 4. Rolex Explorer Ref 1016 5. Rolex Explorer Ref 14270 & Rolex Explorer Ref 114270 6. Rolex Explorer Ref 14270 Blackout 7. Rolex Explorer Ref 214270

Is the Rolex Explorer 14270 a good watch?

The Explorer 14270 truly is a watch that you can rely on, and that will continue to tick year after year, as it is built to last, and to operate as a workhorse. Since the Explorer 14270 is a very discreet watch, it’s popular among people who don’t want to draw attention to their wrist.

Which is the best Rolex watch to buy?

Rolex made the history of tool watches and the Rolex Explorer 1016 created the history of Rolex’s tool watches. Among all the vintage Explorers, reference 1016 is my favorite, especially those from the 70s and 80s.