Is Flavor of Love still with Thing 2?

There really won’t be a fourth season of “Flavor of Love” now that its star is engaged but not to the show’s latest winner. The former hype man then revealed that during the six months after the finale was taped and he was apart from Thing 2, he spent time with Liz and Karma. …

Who wins Season 2 of Flavor of Love?

Chandra Davis
Flavor of Love/Winners

What happened to Saaphyri from charm school?

Several websites reported that the reality TV star had died suddenly, with Just Jared citing a post on Windsor’s Instagram account that read: “It is with a heavy heart that we say that Saaphyri has passed away. She was found today in her home [unresponsive].

What happened to Thing 1 and Thing 2?

Thing One and Thing Two are human-like twins from The Cat in the Hat book. They were released from the box that the cat brought in to introduce to Conrad, Sally, and the fish. The things later caused mischief by recklessly flying kites in the house which bumped the wall and also knocked everything down in their path.

Does Hoopz have a child?

I don’t have kids, so taking care of everybody is my role. One of the main reasons I wanted to do this was to give them a head start in life, and hopefully this will help them get their own deals.

Who died from Rock of Love?

Friday afternoon, two 19-year-olds were killed “when a driver … apparently fell asleep, his vehicle crossed a median and slammed into the students’ SUV,” The Chicago Tribune reports. Yasmin Jackson and Kevetta Davis died at the scene.

Who is Flavor Flav’s wife?

As of October 2012, Elizabeth Trujillo, the mother of Flav’s son, Karma, lived with Flav in Las Vegas and had been his fiancée for eight years.

What does Thing 2 like to be called?

Thing 2 would like to clarify that just because he wears the number 2 does not imply in any way that he’s inferior to Thing 1. Thing Two : And all of the above. The Cat : He says you may feel free to call him Thing A if you like. He will also accept Super Thing, Thing King, Kid Dynamite, Chocolate Thun-da or Ben.


“Hats entertain, they delight, they embellish,” says Dreyer, “and for Seuss they were the accent, the exclamation point on a person’s behaviour.” The Cat in the Hat’s red-and-white stovepipe is the most famous hat of all. There’s a real-life version in the show and it provokes, says Dreyer, an awed response.

Did Hoopz marry Shaq?

According to MediaTakeOut: This weekend Shaquille O’Neal and his fiance Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander ELOPED. A rock solid snitch told that the couple wed on a whim. The insider explained, “There was no planning or anything They just went and got married.

What is Hoopz real name?

Nicole Deannae Alexander
Nicole Alexander/Full name

When does flavor of Love Season 2 start?

The second season first aired weekly from August 6, 2006 to October 29, 2006, with a total of twelve episodes. During the first season reunion, Hoopz announced that her relationship with Flavor Flav was over, saying “It’s like that, but it’s not like that .”

Who are the contestants on Flavor Of Love?

Saaphyri and Buckwild made a guest appearance on the third season of Flavor of Love and were selected to compete on the second season of I Love Money. Deelishis and Buckeey were contestants on the canceled third season of I Love Money. Both Buckeey and Deelishis appeared on reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Where are they now flavor of Love 3 girls?

Actually, don’t answer that– I know it sucked, because you didn’t have this list of Where are they now: Flavor of Love 2 and 3 girls. I skipped the boring girls (which was almost everyone from season 3). Two cuts to save ur browser.

Who are the Twins on Flavor Of Love?

Thing 1 and Thing 2, aka Trisha and Tresha aka Known for: Being twins. Thing 2 won Season 3, but Flav dumped her at the reunion and proposed to his other girlfriend.