Is Brayden Schenn related to Luke Schenn?

Personal life. Schenn was born on November 2, 1989, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. His parents are Jeff and Rita Schenn. His younger brother Brayden was picked fifth overall in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft by the Los Angeles Kings, and was later traded to the Philadelphia Flyers.

Does Brayden Schenn have a brother?

Luke Schenn
Brayden Schenn/Brothers

Did Luke Schenn win the Cup?

Luke Schenn won his second consecutive cup with the Lightning, while 22-year-old former Rockets captain Cal Foote lifted the cup for the first time as a player.

Where is Luke Schenn playing now?

Vancouver Canucks#2 / Defenseman
Luke Schenn/Current teams

What team is Brayden Schenn on?

St. Louis Blues#10 / Centerman
Brayden Schenn/Current teams

Who was Brayden Schenn traded for?

Schenn came Philadelphia in a trade back in 2011 that brought Wayne Simmonds and a 2012 second-round draft pick to Philadelphia for Mike Richards and Rob Bordson.

How many brothers have won the Stanley Cup?

Since 1917, 47 pairs of brothers have played together on the same team; among them, ten have won the Stanley Cup together. Brothers have also squared off against each other five times in the Stanley Cup finals, most recently in 2003.

How many goals does Brayden Schenn have?


Season GP G
2020-2021 Playoffs 4 1
Career Playoffs 63 11
2020-2021 56 16
NHL Career 714 195

What team is Luke Schenn on?

What did the Flyers get for Brayden Schenn?

The Flyers were approached with a trade. Brayden Schenn for Jori Lehtera, their first-round draft pick at 27, and a conditional first-round pick on the 2018 draft. Lehtera was just a player to sweeten the deal and bring in a player that would eventually come off the books sooner rather than later.