How old is Jeff Oneill?

45 years (February 23, 1976)
Jeff O’Neill/Age

Is Jeff O’Neill on OverDrive?

‘OverDrive’ host Jeff O’Neill squared off against a producer known as Al’s Brother in a race for the ages. If there’s one thing that Canadian track fans want to see more of, it’s races covered on Canadian television channels.

Who did Jeff Oneill marry?

Lydia O’Neill
Jeff O’Neill/Spouse

How much does Jeff Oneill make?

Jeff O’Neill’s net worth / career earnings / salary history. He made US$16,955,000 (US$24,690,695 in today’s dollars), ranking #730 in NHL / hockey career earnings.

Why did Jeff O’Neill retire?

His poor performance combined with his fear of flying led him to consider retirement at the end of the season.

Who is the O Dog?

Kevin Anderson, or also better known as O-Dog, is the deuteragonist in the 1993 film Menace II Society. He is the most sadistic and brutal in his gang. He has lethally short fuse, quick to rage, and does not hesitate to kill, also it is implied that he takes sadistic pleasure in hurting people.

Who is the O-Dog?

How did dog get his nickname?

And it is an absolutely classic moment befitting the O-Dog, the nickname O’Neill was given as an NHL rookie in 1995 with the Hartford Whalers. It was an attachment that persisted after he became a scoring star for Guelph in junior hockey (he was drafted fifth over all by the Whalers in 1994).

What do you call a hockey player?

goalie, goalkeeper, goaltender, netkeeper, netminder. the soccer or hockey player assigned to protect the goal. wing. a hockey player stationed in a forward position on either side. type of: athlete, jock.

When did Jeff O’Neill retire from TSN?

When TSN broadcaster Jeff O’Neill retired following the 2006-07 NHL season, he wondered what he would do for a living. All he really knew was hockey. “I have like no education,” said O’Neill, sitting inside an Etobicoke pub on a recent Sunday afternoon.

Why did Jeff O’Neill want to be a broadcaster?

O’Neill has a knack for cracking up his co-hosts, even though he never thought about becoming a broadcaster when he played in the NHL, which is hard to believe. “That is what makes him a star in my opinion,” said Hayes.

Who are the radio announcers for TSN overdrive?

Never one to shy away from contact in the hockey world, Jeff O’Neill continues to bring the same hard-hitting approach to delivering his opinion as a TSN Hockey analyst and a co-host of TSN OVERDRIVE with Bryan Hayes and Jamie McLennan on TSN Radio 1050 in Toronto.

Where did Jeff O’Neill play ice hockey?

He played professional ice hockey for teams like Hartford Whalers, Carolina Hurricanes, and Toronto Maple Leafs. Currently, he works as a sports broadcaster and hockey analyst with TSN appearing on Toronto Maple Leafs broadcasts and TSN Hockey programs.