How old is Eva from total drama?


Contestant Profile
Eye color Light Brown
Age 16 (During TDI) 19 (During HvV)
Family Parents
Friends DJ, Gwen, Bridgette, Duncan, Dawn, Lightning, Trent, Mike

Is total drama getting a movie?

Total Drama The Movie is an upcoming canadian animated adventure comedy movie based on the Total Drama series, it will serve as the series finale to the Total Drama series and it is set for a summer 2026 release.

Does Sugar win total drama?

In the final round, Sugar is faced off with Samey, and is able to secure the win for her team after Samey gets preoccupied with Amy’s surprise return.

Why is TDWT not on Netflix?

All five seasons of the show were originally due to expire from Netflix in all regions on November 1st, 2020 as the rights come up for renewal. A Netflix customer service rep later confirmed that it’s no longer leaving.

Where can I watch the Total Drama Island audition tapes?

They are first seen on Teletoon ‘s official website the day after a new episode of Total Drama Island premieres, and shows the audition tape of the camper eliminated in that episode. All of them can now be seen on Cartoon Network ‘s official website. Each tape would be shown immediately after a contestant’s elimination.

Who is Eva in Total Drama Drama Island?

Eva returns for the finale along with every contestant, where she is one of the few to support Gwen, even after Owen announces his plans to hold a yacht party. In the promotional clip for ” Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island ,” Eva appears to have become friends with Gwen, as the two of them are seen getting a tan together.

Who is not on the Total Drama audition tapes?

Due to this, Gwen, Owen, Shawn, and Sky are the only contestants whose audition tapes have not been shown, due to neither actually being eliminated in Total Drama Island nor Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. Although, a clip from Sky ‘s is shown in Lies, Cries and One Big Prize.

Who are the original contestants on Total Drama?

Eva is one of three original contestants to have only been on one team, the others being Geoff and Sadie . Eva is one of seven characters in the franchise to have returned in a season after previously being eliminated, the others being Izzy, Owen, Duncan, Dakota, Geoff, and Brody .