How do I claim my blog on Bloglovin?

How to add your blog to Bloglovin’

  1. Step 1: Join Bloglovin. First of all, head to the Bloglovin website and click on “join”
  2. Step 2: Find your blog on BlogLovin’
  3. Step 3: Add code to your blog to verify your claim.
  4. Step 4: You’re Done!

Is Bloglovin gone?

Their Twitter account @bloglovin has been completely wiped, and the company has re-branded as Activate Social almost distancing themselves from Bloglovin’. However, that account also seems to be dead with the last Tweet posted in 2019.

How do I post on Bloglovin?

Select the “Add tags…” field to add tags. When you’re finished typing a tag, hit the comma key or return on your keyboard. Don’t forget to select the social media platforms you’d like to promote your post through. Finally, click Post again to publish your post on Bloglovin’!

How do I delete a post on Bloglovin?

We’ve just released a feature to allow for users to remove posts from their claimed blogs! To use this, navigate to your blog’s profile, click the “…” beneath your post and select the Delete option: Facebook. Twitter.

What is a claim in a blog?

Yay! That’s great you’ve already claimed your site on Bloglovin’. The cool thing about Bloglovin’ is that you don’t really have to put your blog on there, because they pull in your RSS feed. Claiming just means that your taking ownership of your feed on there, which is awesome, so folks know that’s your site.

What can I use instead of Bloglovin?

The best alternative is Feedly, which is free. Other great apps like Bloglovin’ are Inoreader (Freemium), QuiteRSS (Free, Open Source), Tiny Tiny RSS (Free, Open Source) and Flipboard (Free).

How do I get traffic on Bloglovin?

10 Quick Ways To Boost Your Blog’s Pageviews

  1. Optimize Pinterest and Pin Your Posts.
  2. Get Active on a New Social Media Network.
  3. Tweak Your Titles and Include Buzzwords.
  4. Try Advertising With A Blog You Admire.
  5. Feature Other Bloggers and Blog Posts.
  6. Leave Comments On Blog Posts You Enjoy.
  7. Utilize Your Bloglovin’ Account.

What app can I use instead of Bloglovin?

How do I delete followers on Bloglovin?

Here at Bloglovin’, we know that having unwanted followers can be a hassle and we are working to provide a solution. Unfortunately, as of right now there is no way to block followers on Bloglovin’.

What is the best way to follow blogs?

Here are two options:

  1. Bookmarks Folder. In your browser, you can create a folder and bookmark your favorite blogs. Pro: This is a good option if you only need to check certain blogs at certain times.
  2. RSS Feeds. RSS feeds are like a newsfeed of all the blogs you want to follow. You get a stripped down version of posts.

How do you claim a blog on Bloglovin?

Click on your blog title, copy the code and paste it into a new blog post on your blog. This is to prove that you have access to the blog account. Once you publish it, go back to Bloglovin’ and click Claim Blog. It will search for the code and verify that you own it before adding the blog to your account.

How to get more traffic from Bloglovin’?

It’s the best way to get more traffic from Bloglovin’. Let your readers easily follow your blog with one click from your blog. You can get it with or without a follow counter. Let your readers subscribe to your blog through email. They will get an email every time you update.

How can I Make my Bloglovin profile private?

3. Bloglovin’ profiles are public, which means anyone can view the blogs you follow. If you want to hide that guilty pleasure blog from public view, you can make it private. Click on your profile picture and select edit blogs you follow. Then simply click private next to any blogs you want hidden.

How can I grow my followers on Bloglovin?

One of the best ways to grow your following on Bloglovin’ is to add widgets to your blog. This will allow your readers to quickly and easily follow your blog on Bloglovin’. To add a Bloglovin’ widget to your blog, visit the widgets page and select a widget by clicking “get this widget.”