Has any Australian won the Australian Grand Prix?

As of the 2018 edition, four-time World Drivers’ Champion Alain Prost remains the only driver to win the race in both World Championship and domestic formats, winning the Australian Drivers’ Championship 1982 race before winning in Adelaide in 1986 and 1988.

Who won the championship in 2014 F1?

driver Lewis Hamilton
Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won his second World Drivers’ Championship with 384 points and 11 victories having previously won his first Drivers’ title in 2008, ahead of his teammate, Nico Rosberg with 317 points and 5 victories.

Who won the 2015 Australian Grand pics?

Lewis Hamilton

2015 Australian Grand Prix
Driver Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
Time 1:30.945 on lap 50
First Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

Why is the first F1 race not in Melbourne?

Although the experience gained and safety measures established last year hold F1 in good stead for 2021, the ongoing situation regarding Covid-19 has meant it is not feasible to begin the season in Melbourne.

Has there ever been an Australian F1 Team?

There have been 17 Formula One drivers from Australia, 14 of which have taken part in at least one race since the championship began in 1950, and 3 failed to qualify.

What is the best F1 GP?

These are the 100 best Formula 1 races since 2008 according to readers of RaceFans.

  • 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix – 9.45/10.
  • 2019 German Grand Prix – 9.44/10.
  • 2011 Chinese Grand Prix – 9.24/10.
  • 2014 Canadian Grand Prix – 9.19/10.
  • 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix – 9.14/10.
  • 2015 Hungarian Grand Prix – 9.11/10.

Who is the winner of Australian Grand Prix 2015?

2015 Australian Grand Prix/Winners

Who was the winner of the Australian Grand Prix in 2014?

Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg leads Red Bull’s Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo during the Australian Formula One Grand Prix at Albert Park on March 16, 2014 in Melbourne. (Getty Images: Clive Mason) Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg of Germany (L) celebrates after his victory in the Formula One Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on March 16, 2014.

Who was the winner of the 2014 F1 race?

2014 RACE RESULTS Grand Prix Date Winner Laps Russia 21 Oct 2014 Lewis Hamilton HAM 53 United States 02 Nov 2014 Lewis Hamilton HAM 56 Brazil 09 Nov 2014 Nico Rosberg ROS 71 Abu Dhabi 23 Nov 2014 Lewis Hamilton HAM 55

Where did Formula One Grand Prix take place in 2014?

Nations that hosted a Grand Prix in 2014 are highlighted in green, with former host nations shown in gray. The following nineteen Grands Prix took place in 2014. In 2014 Formula One travelled to Russia for the first time, with the Russian Grand Prix at a street circuit in the Sochi Olympic Park.

Who was the winner of the Australian F1 race?

Earlier, Nico Rosberg claimed victory in the opening race of the F1 season at Albert Park, beating Ricciardo by 24 seconds. The German Mercedes driver’s win came after team-mate Lewis Hamilton retired early in the race with engine problems about the same time defending champion Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull also exited. What is the fuel-flow rule?