Does Kanji have a crush on Naoto?

Kanji and Naoto are an extremely rare, if not the only instance of two characters being available as Fever Time partners in all of each other’s dances. In addition, one of Nanako’s responses to Kanji and Naoto dancing together is that she heard their interactions are what’s called being “lovey-dovey.”

Is Shirogane Naoto a girl?

Naoto’s gender identity and status as a queer character has been the subject of discussion from critics. She has been interpreted as both a cross-dressing woman and a trans man.

What is Naoto weak to Persona 4?

Strategy. It is advisable to cross-fuse the Persona Tam Lin before engaging Naoto (the protagonist must be at least level 53 first), as it has no weakness to any element and its Ziodyne skill inflicts extra damage on her (no knockdown).

What is Naoto’s persona?

Naoto Shirogane, also known as the Detective Prince, is a first year at Yasogami High and the last person to join the Investigation Team. Naoto’s initial persona is Sukuna-Hikona and their evolved persona is Yamato-Takeru. Naoto’s personas specialize in light and dark skills.

Does Naoto have a real gun?

A Nambu Model 60 is used by Naoto Shirogane as her personal sidearm. Marushin-made airsoft replica of the New Nambu Model 60. The Model 60 wielded by Naoto as seen in an artbook illustration of the game by Shingenori Soejima. It also appears in the game as part of in-game art when she executes a SP attack.

Who are the characters in Persona 4 Golden?

This page indexes the pages for the various characters who debuted in Persona 4 and Persona 4: Golden, as well as their appearances in Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. For information on these characters in the Arena spinoffs, see this page.

Where to talk to Naoto in Persona 4 Golden?

From that day, you’ll be able to talk to Naoto to get a mission of sorts. Then go to the Northern Shopping District and talk to a man dressed in black near Aiya. Pick the first option, which requires Level 5 Knowledge. Then return to Naoto at school and talk to her again – this requires Level 5 Courage, and gets you Rank 1.

Who is the only character in Persona 4 Arena not to wear a school uniform?

Persona 4 Arena Naoto’s introduction line, “The body of a child-the brain of a genius,” may be a reference to Conan Edogawa of Case Closed. Naoto’s ground throw is based on her Wake-Up Hit. Naoto is the only character of the Investigation Team who doesn’t wear their school uniform.

Which is the most difficult social link in Persona 4 Golden?

The Naoto Shirogane social link is arguably the most difficult in Persona 4 Golden, as by the time you get a chance to properly meet Naoto and start her social link, there’s very little time left to max it out before the late November cut-off for s-links – maxing it out is difficult.