Can you take a helicopter from Oahu to the Big Island?

Depart from Oahu in the morning to fly over to the Big Island, where you’ll board a helicopter right from the airport for a 50-minute helicopter expedition over Kilauea’s craters and lava fields.

How much should I tip my helicopter pilot?

Really you’d want to tip $10.00 or $20.00 dollars for a helicopter tour that was long, where a short helicopter ride would see $5.00 or $10.00 an appropriate amount.

How much is a helicopter ride from Maui to Oahu?

It takes a helicopter one hour to fly from Maui to Oahu, and after an hour helicopter tour of Oahu and another hour return to Maui that is a total of 3 hours, and you can only book it by private charter at a total cost of over $6,000.00 dollars….Price & Availability.

Adult (12yrs +) $639.99
Child (2-11yrs) $629.99

Are helicopter tours worth it?

While helicopter tours are expensive, they are absolutely worth the splurge. If you love aerial views, then yes, we recommend booking a tour. A helicopter tour is also something you never regret doing.

Are Hawaii helicopter rides safe?

Still, having clocked up hundreds of thousands of hours in that time, between a dozen or more Hawaii helicopter tour companies; statistics prove helicopter tours are safe in Hawaii. Incidents happen that involve fatalities, but proof is in the stats that shows it is possible to walk away from a crash.

Are there helicopter tours on the Big Island of Hawaii?

Volcano and Kohala Landing Helicopter Tour on the Big Island This exclusive Big Island helicopter tour includes not only wonderful views of Hawaii’s famous volcanoes, but also a private… 11. Doors-Off Hawaii Helicopter Tour of Kohala Valleys and Waterfalls

Which is the best island to visit by helicopter?

Maui is an island that’s best seen by air, and on this complete island Maui helicopter tour, visitors will soar above valleys and waterfalls that are otherwise inaccessible. Fly deep inside the West Maui Mountains where there aren’t even any trails, and gaze upon the colorful cinder cones of Haleakala Crater.

Which is the best helicopter company in Hawaii?

Blue Hawaiian is Hawaii‘s #1 helicopter tour company. Since 1985, it‘s been our mission to offer our guests a truly authentic experience of Aloha. From the moment you book your helicopter tour, we strive to create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. And for us, good enough is never enough.

Is there a helicopter tour of Mauna Loa?

Mauna Loa Helicopter Tours provide “PRIVATE” tours keeping it just your party and the pilot. Each tour can hold 2-3 passengers who are also guaranteed window seating. Our tours are also conducted with the doors off allowing an adventurous tour and no obstructive views for photos.