Can you mount dash cam on dashboard?

“For as long as it doesn’t interfere with your optimal view of the road, then it should be perfectly fine. It is for this reason that placing the dash cam on the car’s dashboard makes a lot more sense since it will not generally obscure your view of the road,” Car Bibles reports.

How do you mount a dash cam?

Dash Cams are meant to be discreet, so it’s important to find the precise location to mount a Dash Cam where it can capture the entire road without obstructing the driver’s view. Aim to mount your Dash Cam preferably on the passenger side of the windshield, directly behind the rear-view mirror, if possible.

Where is the best place to mount a dashcam?

rear-view mirror
Best place to mount your dash cam A dash cam should be fitted behind the rear-view mirror so it’s in the centre of your windscreen, but not obtrusive to your line of sight. This ensures it will capture both lanes of the road ahead and the signage on either side.

Can a dashcam reduce insurance?

All leading motor insurers are now accepting dash cam footage as evidence to be used in the event of a claim, some insurers even offer annual discounts of up to 20% to drivers who use a dash cam.

Can you put dashcam on frit?

As long as the lens sticks past the dot matrix you will have no problems with the dash cam. Note that suction cup dashcams typically will not stick to the frit as the textured surface will not allow a perfect seal for the suction cup.

Why do suction cups stop working?

In many cases, suction-cup failure occurs when either the suction cup or the surface it’s grabbing isn’t as clean as it could be. Wipe the inside of the suction cup with a clean lint-free cloth, then do the same with the targeted surface. A light dusting may be all they need.

Why does my dashcam keep falling off the windscreen?

I have a windscreen suction mount on my dash cam. The first thing we’d recommend is giving both the suction cup and the inside area of the windscreen that it adheres to a good clean, this should help. If that doesn’t work, try wetting the suction cup and sticking it onto the windscreen.

Can a dash cam be used against you?

Dash cams are legal in California As mentioned previously, dashboard cameras are legal in California. They were legalized in 2011 when rules regarding notifying passengers about the cameras and wherein the car the camera could go were established. Once those rules were put in place, dash cams became legal in the state.