Are XXR wheels light?

About Us | XXR Wheels | The Pursuit of Lightweight Wheels. For nearly 40 years, we have designed and manufactured aluminum alloy wheels for car manufacturers and numerous aftermarket wheel companies.

Are XXR wheels flow formed?

XXR 527F – XXR 527F Forged Wheels offer the styling from the 527, with a true forged construction for unmatched strength, durability, and weight reduction. The new 527F is not “rotary forged” or “flow formed”, they are a true forged design, the absolute best available.

Are XXR rims forged?

XXR 527F Forged Wheels The new XXR 527F the multi-spoke 527 style you know and love, with true forged construction that’s incredibly light and strong. is the #1 volume retailer of XXR Wheels.

How old is XXR?

Founded in 1976, XXR Wheels was created with the vision of providing high-quality, top-performance wheels to grassroots customers at a price that entry-level enthusiasts can afford. In terms of quality, fitment, design, and affordability, XXR Wheels stand alone in all four aspects.

What does XXR 527 weigh?

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This item XXR Wheels 527 Chromium Black Wheel with Painted Finish (18 x 8. inches /5 x 100 mm, 42 mm Offset)
Exterior Finish Painted Finish
Item Dimensions 20 x 10 x 20 inches
Item Offset 42 millimeters
Item Weight 34.00 lbs

Are XXR fake?

Yes, technically XXR’s are what some would call “fake” or knock off cheap-o wheels. But they admittedly are priced very well and most models come in pretty good widths/offsets. And if you don’t necessarily care about being some e-famous baller, then they’ll do the trick just fine.

What are XXR 527 replicas of?

The XXR 527’s are a copy of the WedsSport TC105N which are very lightweight and forged, but are more expensive (for a reason) and not as concave.