Why is my ego battery flashing orange?

The power indicator flashes orange. The battery is too hot. Cool the battery pack until the temperature drops below 67°C. The battery pack is automatically performed self-maintenance to extend battery life.

How long does the ego 56v battery last?

What is the typical shelf life of a typical battery? Due to their high capacity, all EGO batteries can be stored unattended for a minimum of 10 years without damaging capacity and cycle performance. After 30 days batteries discharge to 30% capacity (to ensure longevity).

Can ego batteries be rebuilt?

are reused and are not repaired or replaced. These batteries will only work on a P-133 SEGWAY® and are NOT compatible with any other model machine.

Can ego batteries explode?

Properly dispose of a dropped or damaged battery immediately. Batteries vent hydrogen gas and can explode in the presence of a source of ignition, such as a pilot light. To reduce the risk of serious personal injury, never use any cordless product in the presence of open flame.

How do I fix my ego?

HOW TO OBTAIN SERVICE. For warranty service, please contact EGO customer service toll-free at 1-855-346-5656. When requesting warranty service, you must present the original dated sales receipt. An authorized service center will be selected to repair the product according to the stated warranty terms.

How long does the ego 2.5 Ah battery last?

see less There are multiple batteries that look very similar for EGO products. All are 56 volts, so they can be used interchangeably. The difference is how long they can last. A 2.5 AH (amp hour) battery could theoretically deliver one ampere of current for 2.5 hours before it is out.

How long does it take for ego battery to charge?

The EGO POWER+ 56 Volt Charger boasts industry leading recharge times. In just 50 minutes, a depleted 2.5 Ah battery can be fully recharged with the 56-Volt Charger. The active cooling fan system supports rapid charging without overheating.

Which is the best ego battery to use?

All EGO ARC Lithium™ batteries are compatible with all our tools and chargers—and some jobs need more power than others. This chart tells you which battery is best for your tool—and helps you choose a second battery so you have infinite run time.

Why is my ego 56 volt battery dead?

If you have any ego 56 volt batteries that are dead or not taking a charge it’s most probably because one or few of the 18 650 batteries inside might have undercharged. They either are going to show 0.00 volts or less than 3.0 volts, which is their minimum voltage.

How long does it take an ego battery to recharge?

EGO’s patented technology maximizes power and run times. Industry-leading recharge times get you back to work in as little as 25 minutes.

How to avoid the ego blower battery problem?

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