Who ran on the Libertarian ticket in 2016?

William Weld You In? The 2016 presidential campaign of Gary Johnson, the 29th Governor of New Mexico, was announced on January 6, 2016, for the nomination of the Libertarian Party for President of the United States.

How many votes did the Green Party get in the 2016 election?

As the Green Party presidential candidate in the 2016 United States presidential election Stein received 1,457,222 votes or 1.06% of the popular vote.

What are the views of a Libertarian?

Libertarians seek to maximize autonomy and political freedom, emphasizing free association, freedom of choice, individualism and voluntary association. Libertarians share a skepticism of authority and state power, but some libertarians diverge on the scope of their opposition to existing economic and political systems.

Who are the candidates for President of the United States in 2016?

In one of the greatest political upsets in modern history, the Republicanticket of businessman Donald Trumpand Indiana governor Mike Pencedefeated the Democraticticket of former secretary of stateHillary Clintonand U.S. senator from Virginia Tim Kaine.

Who are the candidates that are still in the race for President?

Between March 16 and May 3, 2016, only three candidates remained in the race: Trump, Cruz and Kasich. Cruz won the most delegates in four Western contests and in Wisconsin, keeping a credible path to denying Trump the nomination on first ballot with 1,237 delegates.

Who was the winner of the Electoral College in 2016?

In 2016, Donald J. Trump won the Electoral College with 304 votes compared to 227 votes for Hillary Clinton. Seven electors voted for someone other than their party’s candidate.

Who is the Libertarian candidate for president in Maine?

The Libertarian Party nominated its ticket, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for president and former Massachusetts Governor William Weld for vice president, at its national convention in Orlando, Florida, on May 29, 2016. Until July 13, 2016, the Libertarian Party was not a legally recognized party in Maine.